Being the best comes with being premium at everything you do. Your ability to stand out of the crowd requires a whole lot of uniqueness. Getting to the top is one hurdle, but a much harder hurdle is remaining at the top, this is where your skills, expertise and patience are put at their very best.


By being the best in what you do, much more is expected from you. GTbank is the leading bank in terms of new financial innovations in the Nigerian banking industry, when we talked about how to transfer money from GTbank to Gt bank and from Gt bank to other banks using a simple code in my previous post we weren’t making a mistake about our claims on GTbank, The new generation didn’t just stop there, i also taught on how to open a bank account with your phone without the internet connectivity which is another innovation pioneered by GTbank, so doubt me not when i say they are currently at the top in this field. LOL!! see me campaigning like i’m being paid for all these.


Well, when you are good at what you do, your works speak for itself, that’s one of the lessons of life. Enough of their innovation talks, all these innovations do come with a lot of challenges too.In order to keep being in direct relationship and close communication with their customers, GTBank customer care number is made available the general public and their customers most especially.


Below is GTBank Customer Care Number and complaints email address through which you can channel your transaction problems or whatever you might be needing GTBank to handle on your behalf.

GTbank Customer Care Number


GTbank Customer Care Email Address


  1. Ur bank have debited me since, January, 2016,and have made slot of effort to get my money back, but all prove abortive,have written aletter times without number, plz I just need my money, I can go extra miles to get it, in fact I will go on twitter.

    1. I used an access bank atm with my gtb atm card since October nd was debited without payments…am told I collected the money am really tired of the wahala/ stress hav passed tru still havnt gotten the money…its annoying##

      1. Am sorry about that. Usually it takes about 24hrs for the system to reverse payment. But if this doesn’t happen, visit any of their branches closest to you for rectification..

  2. I was debited, without giving me money, and have make alot of effort to get it back but no avail, have written several letters, still no solution.

    1. I would advice you personally visit the GTBank branch close to you, they will request for your bank account details and verify and in less than 5 working days, they would get back to you.

    1. The question is to confirm if you normally receive alerts whenever you receive money on your GTBank account. If NO, then you need to go to any GTBank closest to you to get it activated and if YES Is your answer then it’s most likely a network error from their end so you will have to send lodge your complaints using the GTBank customer care service number or email address as stated in the post or pay them a physical visit.

  3. The number and email address is the current GTBank’s Customer Service official email address and phone number and that Is all you need except you want to visit any of their branches physically.

    1. This is a serious issue but there is no need to panic, you simply go to your any GT Bank branch closest to you, lay down your complaints and you would be told on what to do. But I assure you that you will get your money back.

  4. Please I load airtime the sum of 300 and I was credit in phone with 300 from the alert given to me 405 was debit from my account

  5. Good morning GTBANK.
    I deposited #17000 yesterday 8/11/2016 to this account 0231453876 and have not receive any alert.
    I’m bordered cause is a new account and that’s my first deposit. PLEASE SEND ME THE ALERT my number is 07065627683.Thank u and have a good day.

  6. Good am, I use to received alert before any time there is transaction on my account but now, am not receiving it against. pls help me to do everything necessary to correct it on time . thanks

  7. I wanted to withdraw at the ATM but the ATM machine didn’t dispense but I was debited with the sum I wanted to withdraw. I need the reversal to be done ASAP. Thank you.

  8. pls I went to the bank to deposit in the bank,and unfortunately I realized that I made mistake in the account number,pls what can I do?

  9. Am trying to tanfer money to other bank,hav already transfer the money and they hav remove the money in my account but the person did not see alert.pls kindly reverse my money back as soon as urgent.

  10. I tried recharging with *737# yesterday, the first transaction did not go but the second one went, I got value for just one transaction, but debit for 2 transaction, debit of 1,000 twice, please kindly look into it and reverse.thank you

  11. I was debited twice for SMS alert in this month only. today I was also debited twice for transfer. pls I want u to look it this nd reverse

  12. I was credited ystaday wit 9k, immediately debited 10k and I didn’t do any transaction…..was kinda surprised…. Dat 1k is sumtin…. pls I nid it bak

    1. Yes you can send money to the account despite not being linked with your BVN, but you cannot withdraw money from the account until the BVN is linked with the account

  13. I send money through wemabank (ATM) at ilesa to other bank account on
    wesday morning by 6:54am but the Money is not enter to the account of
    the person amount of the money is #150,000thousand and the name and account
    number of the person MRS AJAYI DEBORA FUNSHO ACCT/NO 0049229396 ACCESS
    BANK ILESA OSUN STATE,this is my own account number 0049231790gtbank
    Ilesa branch please and please reverse my money back before tomorrow
    evening.thanks for co-oporation.

  14. My husband sent #121000 to my Gtb account number 0015304787 but I didn’t receive it. Please let me know what is wrong.He sent it last week Thursday.

  15. GTBANK said some one transfer 20k into my acct and I have used it cuz of that I am not able to use my acct even my first bank and fidelity acct plz lemi have my acct statement for Oct 2016. My acct number is 0167835452 tnkz

  16. GTBANK said some one transfer 20k into my acct and I have used it cuz of that I am not able to use my acct even my first bank and fidelity acct plz lemi have my acct statement for Oct 2016. My acct number is 0167835452 tnkz and God bless

  17. Pls I used my mobile phone to transfer to Gtbank acct n d person has not gotten d money 3days ago no n they hv deducted my money from my acct n I wasn’t given any notification of d transaction yet and d person is yet to receive d money….can u pls tell me wat happening?

  18. Pls I made a mistake of the account number I sent money into. The account no was suppose to be 0112558348 and I mistakenly sent it into 0112558248 Rccg branch. The account name is Paul ifeanyichukwu and the depositors name is Egbedire kafayat. Pls I hope this could be rectify as soon as possible

  19. I use redraw Money from fidelity atm and d debt me without paying Me today where I am if far from were Gtb is please can you help me out?

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