How To Scan For Channels on GOTv Decoder, Complete Contact Details

How to scan for channels on GOTV plus complete contact details
This is a problem most GOTV subscribers are face each time they turn on their decoders. Oftentimes, they go through the stress of carrying their decoders to GOTV offices around or far from them which should not be so.
This is a post that would put you through on how to scan for GOTV channels whenever it fails to give the complete channel, GOTV complete contact details in terms of their telephone numbers, Email addresses, social media handles and office addresses.


Sometimes GOTV channels are incomplete,it’s not something you should  be worried about or running to the GOTV office. Below are the steps for scanning for incomplete channels on your GOTV Decoder.

Steps In Scanning For Incomplete Channels on Your GOTV Decoder.

-click on the white last button to your left on your GOTV remote control, while facing it directly at the decoder.
-Various options will pop up on the left side of your  TV screen, then click on ADVANCED OPTIONS.
-Click on AUTOMATIC SCAN, immediately it starts scanning do not switch off your decoder or interrupt the scanning process.
-While scanning look out for “TV channels found” if the numbers are complete(57)it means your scanning was successful if not try scanning your decoder again. Once your done scanning click on the “exit” button on your remote.


GOTV Customer Care And Contact Address Details

Incase you have issues with recharging your GOTV, missing GOTV Channels, Error codes and other complaints, here is GOTV customer care line ; 08039044688

GOTV Email Address

GOTV Twitter Handle

Do you need live feeds on GOTV? follow them on twitter

GOTV Facebook Page

You can add or follow them on

GOTV Official Website

To visit their website on visit and carry out all your online transactions like subscription, payment and the likes

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10 thoughts on “How To Scan For Channels on GOTv Decoder, Complete Contact Details

  1. what is happening? I scanned severally and had to reset i still get incomplete channels. While in it says my antenna frequency has been changed.

  2. why are the channels not complete? I have just 8 channels showing since last week friday until date and I ve done automatic scan severally and also reset and still nothing is been done. Iuc no: 4622627786

  3. I am having issues with my gotv. It does not wqnt to bring out channels after I have searched for them. It is saying “no channels found” what do I do?!…pls reply me asap. Thanks

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