10 Major Markets To Buy Cheap Food Stuffs In Lagos

The fact about Lagos being the commercial hub of Nigeria is fast becoming a stale news, in economics, we are made to know that when supply surpasses demand, the prices of goods and services decreases, but this doesn’t stop the continuous hike in prices of goods and services in Lagos state.
Talking about Lagos, it’s actually the largest city in Africa in-terms of population and one of the most expensive to live in here in Nigeria. To live in Lagos successfully and comfortably, you must know your way around.
The basic facts is that everyday, traders from different parts of Nigeria and neighboring countries bring food items into the country, Lagos specifically. My colleague and I set out to find out where to buy cheap food stuffs in Lagos, we looked out for 10 markets where cheap food stuffs are sold.
Enjoy the ride below

Here in Lagos foodstuff markets one can buy almost anything one needs ranging from edible to non-edible items.

However, some markets are popularly known for specific goods being sold; like I said earlier, I will be focusing on the 10 Top Foodstuff markets in Lagos to enable you have a stress free and easy shopping when the need arises.


1. Oyingbo Market

The popular Oyingbo market boasts as one of the oldest foodstuffs markets in Lagos state. The market is as old as 50years or more. The market is practically the biggest market for buying cheap food stuffs in Lagos.The market is so large that it is now being extended to streets in the area. This market deals majorly in food stuff of all kinds i.e. Stock fish of different species, vegetables, Crayfish, local delicacies. Oyingbo market is just 50naira transport fare from costain bus stop.

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2. Ido Market

This market is very close to Oyingbo market. you can get your stock fish, tomatoes, pepper, beans, rice, red oil, groundnut oil, onions, crayfish, just name it, any food item can be gotten from this market at wholesale prices.
Market women who are in this business of selling food stuff items in Lagos come here, buy in large quantities for resale. It’s one very good place to buy cheap food items in Lagos.

3. Mile 12 Market

Mile 12 market is another very reliable market where you can buy cheap food items in Lagos. As usual, farmers from other states, mostly rural areas bring their harvested food items for sale at Mile 12 market. Do u know you can buy a bunch of plantain for as low as 1000 naira at this market? They have particular days when farmers from other states bring in their harvested food items for sale. You can get all your food stuffs very cheap at Mile 12 market ranging from Vegetables, Rice, Pepper in large baskets, Onions, tomatoes, fruits and all sorts in sacks and baskets. Mile 12 Market is located along ikorodu road, when coming from Maryland, it’s the bus stop after Ketu Market. It is a very good spot for buying cheap food stuffs or items in Lagos.

4. Daleko Market

Most markets are known for what they specialize in, Daleko Market is known for sale of Bags of rice, beans, groundnut oil, palm oil, semo, sugar etc in wholesale prices. The market is located along isolo local government area, not far from Mushin as well. Goods are available at very reasonable prices for Retailers as well, it depends on your area, you could give it a try.

5. Oke Odo Market

Oke Odo market is another good market for buying cheap food items in Lagos. Not many people are familiar with this market. You can find this market right inside of Agbado oke odo local government area with traders coming from neighboring states and farms. Foodstuffs, Vegetables, Groundnuts, Palm oil, Yam, Garri, Elubo, and Plantains are some of the things you are guaranteed to get there. As a bachelor or spinster living close by, this market would do you a lot good in helping to conserve you cash.

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6. Idi Oro Market

The popular Plantain market, not too far from Oloosa in Mushin. There are some traders know strictly for selling plantains, this is their market so if you are a lover of plantain, let this be your last bus stop for buying cheap and big plantains. You can get both roped and unriped here, however, this is not to say other fruits are sold not sold there as well, just that Plantain seems to be the most dominant and at a very cheap price.

7. Ijora Fish Market

The name says it all. Here you can get different species of fishes ranging from tilapia, Crocker, sea foods, catfish just name it!
Ijora Fish Market is located very close to Apapa sea port and PHCN Ijora. Sea Fish of different species and with amazing sizes are always available. Fresh fish in cartons and live fish called “Onmi” which means ‘live fish still breathing’ are always on sale as well according to your demand, it all depends on your purchasing capacity, you see why it falls among the top 10 markets where cheap food items are sold in Lagos!

8. Liver pool Under Bridge

Locating this market is quite easy, it is very close to the popular Tincan Island at Apapa and also Creek road. This market deals majorly in both fresh and dry fishes. It is a relatively big market with other foodstuff on sale as this is as a result of the seaports close by.

9. Iyana-Oba Market

Those who reside along badagry express road axis and it’s environs would be familiar with this market. It is known for selling cheap food stuffs like egusi, crayfish, groundnut oil, Palm oil, beans, rice, flour and other must have food items you can think of. It is along the road heading towards the border which makes the influx of food items predominant there. Also, fresh fruits are sold there at very cheap prices, Iyanaoba boasts of the market that sells fruits at the cheapest prices in Lagos.

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10. Ojo-Alaba Market

This market is about 50 naira bus fare from the popular mile 2 bus stop, very close to Orile, in fact it’s a trekable distance from Orile. Oki-Alaba market is also known for selling cheap food stuffs of various kinds. In this market, there are various divisions and associations these associations takes the responsibility of monitoring and maintaining sanity at the market area though this has nothing to do with buyers. They have the fish sellers association, meat sellers association, goat meat sellers association, cow meat sellers association, Chicken and lean meat sellers association just name it. The market has been in existence for over 40 years and it is still expanding daily. All food items here are very cheap when compared to road side or inner street sellers, you can get all you need from this market at a cheap price, both edible and non-edible items like clothes, shoes, and the likes.
It is a major market where one can buy cheap food stuffs and items in Lagos.
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