200 Unique English Names For Boys And Their Meanings

200 unique english names for boys and their meaningsChoosing your baby’s name is not an easy task. While some parents are very clear from the beginning, many others have doubts. Today, the choice of name for the child is even more difficult as the list of names is not limited to the English territory, but more and more parents now have embraced foreign names for their children: Greek , Japanese , Italian , Basque and even Arab . Many sometimes find it confusing choosing names for their boy child simply because they have no idea of the meaning of such names.

Take for example, most especially in Nigeria where we celebrate naming ceremonies, here meanings of these names are vital as it is believed to have influence in the life and attitude of the child when growing up.

If what you seek are English names for your child, we detail a list of 200 names of children in English with its meaning. Take up your favorite note!

200 Unique Names For Your New Boy Child And Their Meanings

Aaron: Hebrew name of biblical origin which means “strong or exalted.”

Abe: It means “father of all nations”:

Abraham: From biblical origin, it means “exalted”.

Adam: It refers to “man on earth”.

Adler: Eagle; man who feels free and want to explore the world.

Adley: Majestic and courageous; always willing to do good.

Aedus: Gaelic origin, signfica “fire”.

Aiden: Willful and knows what he wants.

Alan: It means “noble” and appoints a loyal, faithful and honorable man.

Albern: It means “noble value.” brave, strong and determined man.

Alexander: Cortes and brave, is a determined guy.

Alfred or Alfie: Wise, intelligent and highly reflective capacity.

Alvin: Friendly, trustworthy and a great friend.

Ambrose: It means “immortal”; someone who will be remembered for his work.

Amery: Worker, insightful and confident.

Amos: It means “led by God” and refers to a man sure of himself and kindhearted.

Andrew: Brave, strong and very masculine.

Angus: With a single, strong and unique personality.

Ansel: It means “of noble birth”. Person of pure heart and very thoughtful.

Ariel: Brave, dynamic, courageous and very persuasive.

Arnold: It means “as strong as an eagle” and designated as the a confident and with clear ideas men.

Arthur: Of noble, wise, thoughtful and very reasonable heart.

Arvel greatly beloved by his people, endears despite his shyness.

Aryeh: Name of Hebrew origin meaning “lion”.

Asher: biblical name meaning “blessed” or “lucky” and appoints a gay man, self – confident and humorous.

Atwood: Achiever, shrewd and stubborn.

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Aubrey: Mythical name of French origin meaning “ruler of elves”. Designates a special person.

Austin: Helpful, friendly and good counselor.

Axel: Quiet, quiet and very thoughtful.

Azriel: It means “helper of God” and refers to a loyal and faithful to his friends man.


Baird: Dynamic, curious and musical talent.

Barclay: Name related to nature. sensitive man with his environment.

Barin: Noble fighter and protector clear ideas with theirs.

Barnaby: Wise, compassionate and kindhearted.

Barnett: It means “leader” and refers to a confident guy and somewhat self – centered.

Baruch: Of Hebrew origin, it means “blessed”.

Beau: Lives up to its meaning, “handsome”. flirty and sexy guy.

Benedict: I means “blessed.”

Benjamin: Hebrew name meaning “southern” or coming from the south.

Benton: Lover of nature and adventurous spirit.

Berel: The name comes from the word “bear” ( “bear” in English).

Berwin: Strong, brave and determined.

Blake: Intuitively, quiet and dim – witted.

Boone: Good Hearted, empathetic and determined.

Boris: Brave, strong and reliable.

Brendan: adventurous and travel lover.


Caleb: From biblical origin, means “sincere”.

Caleb: Caleb variant designating a man of good heart.

Cameron: Of Celtic origin, meaning “crooked nose”.

Cayden: Designates a great fighter, the most courageous and strong.

Cedric: Of Welsh origin, means “war leader” and refers to a strong, brave boy.

Chanan: biblical name meaning “full of grace”.

CHANIEL: biblical name meaning “grace of God”.

Cody: Friendly, empathetic and willing to help.

Colin: In Gaelic, it means “puppy”.

Colm: Gaelic origin, means “dove”.

Connor: Pacific animal lover and responsible.

Conrad: Strong and good counselor.

Conway: Celtic origin, means “sacred river”.

Cormac: In Gaelic means “crow”.

Corwin: Name of mystical and exotic connotations which means “beyond a hill.”

Craig: Brave, daring and fun.

Crispin: It means “curly hair”.


Daniel: Name of Hebrew origin which literally means “God is my judge”.

Darragh: Gaelic name meaning “oak”.

Dietrich: Of German origin, means “leader of the people”.

Doron: From Hebrew origin, means “gift”.

Dylan: It means “big wave”.


Ehud: biblical name which means “beloved”.

Eilad: It means “God is forever.”

Eli: feisty, thoughtful and very rational.

Eliyahu: name with religious connotations which literally means “to God.”

Emanuel: It means “God is with us”.

Emory: Capacity lideraje, protector and good householder.

Ethan: Loyal, faithful, with great sense of honor.

Ewan: It means “born of the tree” and has a strong link with nature.

Ezekiel: From biblical origin, means “power of God”.

Ezra: Helpful, kind – hearted, friendly and very empathetic.


Finn: Strong, brave and fighting for what he believes.

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Frederick: Strong, good and just.


Gabriel: It means “hero of God”.

Gad means “good luck”.

Garrett: Of noble heart, defender and good businessman.

Gavriel: Variation of Gabriel, which means “God is my strength.”

Gideon: It means “mighty warrior”.

Gil: Signficia “joy” and appoints a jovial, happy and cheerful man.

Grayson: Courageous, determined and enterprising.


Harding: Brave, stubborn and very persistent.

Harvey: Adventurous, tenacious and kindhearted.

Helmer: Refers to the wrath of a warrior.

Hirsch: It means “deer”.

Hunter: It means “hunter” and refers to a man fighting for his ideals.


Indivar: It means “blessing” in Sanskrit.

Ishia: It means “God is salvation”.

Ivor: Brave, strong and delivered.


Jack: Rebel, brave and strong, but a little selfish.

Jacob: Hombreentregado and stubborn.

Jasper: Refers to the bearer of the treasure.

Jordan: referncia ago the famous river and has mystical connotations.

Joss: It means “lord”.

Judah: Endearing and respect for their own.

Jude: Shortened form of Judah.

Jules: It means “descendant of Jupiter , ” the chief god of Olympus.

Justin: Someone who is right and good.


Kalman: It means “merciful”.

Karamat: Literally means “miracle.”

Kasey: Person awake and alert, he pays attention and is aware of what is happening to their environment.

Kasper: Alternate form of Jasper, a carrier treasure.

Keane: From mystical connotations, meaning “ancient or far.”

Kelly: Refers to a true warrior.

Kendal: Loved and adored by those around you.

Kenzie: Shortened form of Mackenzie, which means “beautiful and beautiful.”

Killian: Gaelic origin, means “little warrior”.

Kirk: Godly, respectful and thoughtful.

Kwan: Strong, brave and adventurous.


Leon: Courageous, strong, adventurous and very curious.

Leonard: Strong and brave, like Leon.

Levi: From biblical origin, refers to a lover boy trends.

Liam: Form Gaelic William; tenacious and fair person.

Logan: Of Scottish origin, designates a determined and courageous person.

Lorcan: Feroz, brave and intuitive.

Lowell: Courageous and determined, eager to learn.


Maddox: Benevolent, friendly and with whom he can trust.

Magnar: Strong, able to cope with problems and adversities.

Magnus: Beloved and revered by all.

Malachi: It means “messenger of God”.

Malcolm: From royal blood.

Marcus: Strong, fair and noble.

Marlon: Fast and brave, means “hawk”.

Matthew: It refers to a real blessing.

Max: Strong and simple, it means “more”.

Maxim: It comes from Latin and means “big”.

Medad: It means “friend”.

Meir: Reflexive and with light.

Melville: Valiente and fair means “leader”.

Mendel: Good Hearted and comforting character.

Mica: Refers to a prophet of the Bible.

Milo: Right, good and merciful.

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Morgan: From mystical connotations, romantic man and a dreamer.

Moshe: strong and wise leader.

Murray: Refers to the sailors and sea lovers.


Nathaniel: It means “a gift from God.”

Neal: Courageous, strong and authentic.

Neron: Strong and brave, very courageous.

Niall: Neil variation.

Nicholas: It means “winner”.

Nika: Courageous, strong and fierce.

Nissim: literally it means “miracle.”

Noach: literally it means “peace”.

Noah: Hebrew name meaning “comfort”.

Noam: Pleasant, friendly and good – hearted.

Norris: Great very protective caregiver with your loved ones.


Olaf: Wise, thoughtful and bold.

Oliver: It means “olive tree” and is linked to peace.

Orson: It means “bear – like” and refers a strong and powerful man.

Oscar: It means “spear of God.”

Oswald: It refers to someone who has power like God.

Oswin: It means “friend of God”.

Otis: Careful, empathetic and good listener.

Ovady: It means “servant of God” and refers to a wise man.

Owen: Gaelic origin, means “well born”.


Padraig: Of Irish origin, means “noble”.

Phillip: It means “lover of horses”.

Phoenix: Refers to a bird of mythology that rises from its ashes; symbol of immortality.


Quentin: Of Latin origin, it means “born the fifth”.


Raphael: Refers to the angel of healing in the Bible.

Randolph: Courageous, strong and stubborn.

Reese: From English origin, meaning “heat of passion.”

Reggie: Shortened form of Reginald, meaning “wise ruler.”

Remo: Strong, tenacious and determined.

Reuben: It means “behold a son”.

Roderick: Related to red color.

Roman: Designates a strong man originally from Rome.

Ronan: Refers to a king of Leinster.

Rory: From Gaelic origin, means “red”.

Ryan: Gaelic origin, means “king”.


Saul: S abio and right, Saul was a biblical king.

Sebastian: Revered and loved by all.

Selig: it means “blessed.”

Seth: name linked to Egyptian mythology, which means “designated”.

Shaun: It means “favored by God.”

Salomon: Quiet and affectionate.

Stephen: It comes from the Greek word meaning “crown”.


Takeo: As strong as bamboo.

Takeshi: Strong, determined and tenacious.

Thomas: It means “twin”.

Tiger: energetic, strong and courageous like a tiger.

Timothy: It means “honor God”.

Toby: It means “God is good.”


Uriel: Refers to “angel of light” or “flame of God.”


Valdus: Someone very powerful.

Velvel: Powerful and fearless.


William: Name of Germanic origin, meaning “protector”.

Wyatt: It means “little warrior”.


Yona: Literally it means “dove”.

Yoram: Means “God raise him up”.


Zachary: It means “remembrance of God”.

Zane: It means “God is gracious”.

Zev: Strong, fearless and skillful means “wolf”


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