How to Make Calls for Free in Nigeria

Making calls for free in Nigeria is now possible more than ever before. Are you spending lots of cash in your mobile phone just to call your friends or business partners? There are many available ways to make calls for free in Nigeria depending on the network type.

Let me start with MTN Nigeria

MTN users can make calls for free. It is a simple process and there are two ways to do this.

Method 1

The first way to do this is by recharging your line with 100 naira. Before you can make free call you need to follow specific instructions

Use *885*PIN# as your code.

When you dial this code. You will receive an extra amount for your free calls. Yes you need to spend before you can make free calls.

Method 2

This one is relatively new. MTN Nigeria is now giving out bonuses. These bonuses you can used to make free calls. Let me explain. You recharge 100 naira and you receive extra 200 naira for making calls to all networks.

How to enter this package

As of 2016, you need to migrate to beta talk plan. I have been on mtn pulse for quite some time. One day I got a message saying that would I love to receive bonus credits to make calls to all networks for free? I answered yes.

That was how I was migrated to beta talk. When I loaded hundred naira, I was given extra 200 to make calls to all networks. My initial money was not touched.

Making Free Calls with Airtel

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I bought a new Airtel SIM because Globalcom Nigeria had network issues that was running for days. In my bid to cover for the days I had lost, I loaded a thousand naira on the line. I never knew that they had given me three thousand naira as bonus. When I checked balance with *123*9#

I discovered that I had three thousand naira. You can also check it with *123*123#

I immediately placed a call to a friend on mtn. my three thousand bonus was touched but not my initial one thousand. I was given seven days to use this.

Making free calls in Nigeria is never an easy thing to do. These are just some ways I make calls without having to spend so much. Its much better than seeking a cheat or tweak to use. And sometimes, these tweaks can be blocked hereby one is back to zero level.

I hope you take advantage of these methods and ways to make free calls in Nigeria. You might say that it’s not free but I doubt how many people make calls with zero naira these days.

Globalcom network too have been sending me all kinds of messages to make calls with little recharge. They promise 400% on every recharge. I have not yet loaded my GLO line but you can see that it’s better than nothing.

So I hope you enjoyed this and if you have any questions you may ask anytime.


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