ABC Transport: Lagos To Ghana Price, How To Book Online & Contact Details


In a bid to expand its services across Nigeria ad West Africa, ABC transport asides movement of passengers from one point to another, is also in the business of pin point cargo delivery services.

Patronizing ABC transport from Lagos to Ghana has been on the rise, most Nigerians workers in order to cool off or take their feet off the pedal a bit, during their official leave prefer traveling from Lagos to Ghana using ABC transport.
As for families, during festive periods, they make use of ABC transport from Lagos to Ghana for their family picnics and vacations, it is one of those activities that keep the family bond stronger.
ABC transport today boasts of one of the best road transport service company in Nigeria, with over 500 fleets nationwide, they are strategically placed to cater for the needs of travelers.

The process of booking tickets have been automated just like it’s competitors Chisco Transport, Ifesinachi Transport and The Young Shall Grow Transport Company.

One unique characteristics of ABC transport is their respect for their departure time. As soon as it is time for departure and the bus is yet to be filled up by passengers, they set out for their journey still.

See below, the most popular routes of ABC transport within Nigeria and their prices

ABC Transport Route


Lagos – Port Harcourt 6,000
Lagos – Accra, Ghana Between 20,000 and 25,000
Abuja – Owerri TBA (To Be Announced)
Lagos – Abuja 6000
Lagos – Owerri 4,500
Lagos – Calabar  5,000

Though the onus of this post is to give out information on the cost ABC transport services from Lagos to Ghana, how to book and pay for your tickets using their online platform and all that it entails.

As for booking or reserving a seat using ABC transport online booking service,follow the steps below

How To Book Online And Pay For ABC Transport From Lagos To Ghana

Step 1>> simply visit this link and follow the steps

Step 2>> Then Click Check or availability of buses to your desired route to start your online booking.

Step 3>> You can either choose a One-way trip or Round Trip (To and Fro)

Step 4>> Enter the date of departure for a one way trip or date for departure and returning for a round trip (Lagos to Ghana and Ghana to Lagos)

Step 5>> Click Search and follow the steps.

See screen shot of the page below..


ABC TRANSPORT: Lagos To Ghana Price

Usually using ABC Transport from Lagos to Ghana currently costs between 20,000 to 23,000 while traveling from Ghana to Lagos is between 18,000 to 20,000 Naira, for those without Nigerian passports, if it’s your first time traveling via road outside Nigeria keep additional transport money for transport fare preferable a taxi to drive you down to your exact destination. Make sure you have your yellow card, you can get that for at least 500 Naira or more at your local government. It is advisable a tourist or traveler hold 40,000 Naira for Lagos to Ghana and Ghana to Lagos trip to avoid the embarrassment of being cast trapped

When booking for ABC transport this is for ABC transport return ticket. If you are traveling as a student, you will have to present your student ID card for ease of identification and get over 20% discounts on your bus fare. If you have a student ID card that’s the ABC student price.


ABC Transport has a 24hrs customer care service support system to cater for your issues, or make inquiries as regards their Cargo services too.

To speak with their customer service representative, see their details below
07042226222 or 0700ABCTRANSPORT +234-81-42552436
Email Address: [email protected]
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