AIRTEL Internet Bundle, Data Plans, Subscriptions Codes & Prices

Airtel NigeriaAirtel Nigeria is one of the major mobile telecommunications service which internet subscription packages and prices are truly worth taking note of. Despite the fact that some customers are not enjoying the coverage of this network in their area, Airtel Nigeria is still selling data plans which are readily affordable and accessible to all their customers.

These data plans I have taken my time to list them for you below. You will find the data plans name and their codes and amount with the validity. You will need a good phone or modem before you can subscribe. If you have any of these, then choose a plan and load the recharge card. Press the appropriate subscription code.

Plan Data Allowance Retail Price (N) Validity period Subscription Code
Every Day 20 MEGABYTE 100 1 day *410#
Each Week 50 MEGABYTE Thirty0 7 days *417#
Every month 500 MEGABYTE 1,000 Thirty days *420#
Smart phone1 1.3 GIGABYTE 2,000 Thirty days *423#
Smart phone2 2 GIGABYTE 3,000 Thirty days *451#
Smart phone4 4 GIGABYTE 5,000 Thirty days *452#
Smart phone8 8 GIGABYTE 8,000 Thirty days *460#
Smart phone10 10 GIGABYTE 10,000 Thirty days *471#
Smart phone15 15 GIGABYTE 15,000 Thirty days *462#
Smart phone20 20 GIGABYTE 18,000 Thirty days *463#
AIRTEL ANDROID DATA PACKAGES (Works on all Smart phonephones – Android, Apple, BB, Nokia, Lumia etc)
Plan Data Allowance Retail Price (N) Validity period Subscription Code
Our Android I 2 GIGABYTE 2,000 Thirty days *437#
Our Android II 4.5 GIGABYTE 3,500 Thirty days *438#
THE BURNING RATE AS: 1Kobo/KB from 10pm – 6am, 1.5Kobo/KB from 6am – 10pm
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Plan Data Allowance Retail Price (N) Validity period Subscription Code
The Social Bundle  Weekly Thirty MEGABYTE 100 7 days *991#
Monthly 80 MEGABYTE 200 Thirty days *990#
The Whatsapp Bi-Weekly Thirty MEGABYTE 100 15 days *948#
Our FaceBook Monthly 120 MEGABYTE 300 Thirty days *688*1#
 Opera Bi-Weekly 100 MEGABYTE 200 14 days *885*2#
Monthly 250 MEGABYTE 300 Thirty days *885*1#
  1. You may as well visit any Airtel office nearest to you if you truly want to get the latest gist on their data packages and subscription. And if you require any other help. All you need to do is to locate the nearest office or dealer in your area and location
  2. In addition, Airtel now offer bonuses as you subscribe. I want to inform you here so that if you happen to get extra data , you do not have to refund it.
  3. There is a 30 percent bonus on every smart phone package you do so please take advantage of this anytime you want.
  4. Airtel Nigeria do give about a hundred percent bonus if you recharge with their data card. This data card of Airtel Nigeria is like your usual recharge card except for the data that you will receive. This is done so as to make it easier for customers like us to quickly take advantage and start browsing.
  5. To subscribe for an internet subscription, you may simply begin by dialing g. *141*11*4#
  6. You may also take advantage of their blackberry offers to as a customer.

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