How To Play And Win Baba Ijebu Lotto Nigeria Winning Numbers

Have you had about Baba Ijebu Nigerian Lotto Game? Baba Ijebu premier lotto is a game that can make you rich quick but can also destroy you and sent you back to village if you don’t play wise.
We will be discussing about everything and anything you need to know about Baba Ijebu Nigerian premier lotto game.

Anything Called game remains Game that is to say is either you win or you loose, no win win here and Baba Ijebu Nigerian Premier lotto is one of the games that you can play but winning is not certain just like other games, though after reading this you will understand more about Nigerian Lotto game.


There are so many ways you can win Nigerian Premier lotto games namely:

  1. Forecasting

    This method is being used by so many Nigerians to win Baba Ijebu premier lotto, they use the past lotto results to determine the upcoming wining Numbers.
    The truth about Forecasting is that no matter how you work it out you can’t be sure about any number all you need is little faith and luck to win the lotto game.

  2. Targeted Numbers

    You can target some numbers and continue playing that particular number all the time, “example” if you choose to be playing 56-33 and 64-88 it means that when ever 56-33 or 64-88 appears then you have won the game.

  3. Dream numbers

    Do you know that some people dream lotto numbers when sleeping and when they play the numbers it will appear as they saw it in dream.

Note sometimes your dream can fail you stake high if you know that your dreams works.


Am sure you know that what you win is determined by how much you put in and the plan you played, now let us look at some plans you can play when playing lotto Nigerian Games.

1.) 3 Direct

This plan is one of the highest paying plan, as the name implies it means you need to get 3 numbers at of the 5 winning numbers, Example when you play 03-11-23 and it appears to the winning numbers then you have won your self a lot depending on the amount you use to play it 100 naira will give you more than 200,000 naira. Note: You should also know that 3 direct plan is the hardest to win because when you play 3 numbers if two comes leaving one behind then you don’t win but the rule is to perm the 3 numbers and if 2 appears you will still win.

2.) 2 Sure

This one is called two sure, it means playing 2 numbers which you think that might be among the winning numbers. Example 08-72 or 23-55 if two of them comes as the winning number then you have won your self some cash. 2 Sure cannot be compared with 3 direct because 3 direct gives money more than 2 sure but can easily be won more than 3 direct because you only need to get 2 numbers not 3.

3.) Banker

This one is called banker it means you have one single number which you are convinced that will come among winning numbers, when you don’t want to lose game by finding the matching number that will also grantee your win you can play one single number though it doesn’t give much.

4.) One against Others

You can stand one number against other numbers, you can stand 1 number against 10 numbers. Example: when you stand 34 against 11-33 48-23-09-12 is a must that 34 must come with one of 11-33-23-09-12 before you can win anything.

5.) Permutation

Finally this one is called Permutation, it means combining few numbers and expecting to get 2 numbers inside the winning numbers that is the only way to win in permutation and you can perm up to 10 numbers.

Please Note

Permutation is the best option when you are expecting to Increase the staking price and at the same time increasing the winning chances, the more number you perm is the more expensive it becomes though if you are looking for something big stick to 3 direct and 2 sure when playing Baba Ijebu Lotto Game.


It Is true you can win money by playing Baba Ijebu premier lotto Nigeria but at the same time you can as well hurt yourself that is why i decided to list out few things you should be careful about when play Nigerian Lotto (Baba Ijebu).

  1. Don’t use the money you kept for something else for Lotto you will lose it,
  2. Be careful with does guys who always claim to have unfailing and 100% sure number because when it comes to lotto nothing like unfailing number or any number you can trust 100%, you should be aware that lotto is fully a game and not a child game though but i have created a club to help you win lotto only that you need to register with us that requires a little fee for our expenses like the money we spent sending our winning numbers to your phone.
  3. Don’t play all the time, you need to play only when you feel like and don’t let it enter in to your head.
  4. If Lotto made 20 Nigerians Rich then it made about 300 Nigerians Poor so be wise if you have to play if not i will say desist from it. i know these words may reduce your interest but i like being honest and you guys are being cheated simply because you always want those people that will lie and tell you that once they send number to you that it will drop and make you reach and at the end you feel disappointed.
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