Why Banking is Better with Ecobank


Ecobank international banking has been enhanced with the new Ecobank online banking services thanks in large part to their new online app. By having their banking services available to mobile devices, the Ecobank mobile banking system allows for greater access of their services. You will need to have an account with Ecobank Nigeria so that you can take advantage of the services provided. This will provide you with fast, convenient banking along with a Quick Recharge to make things even easier.

What is Quick Recharge?

This is an airtime vending service by Ecobank that allows you to recharge your mobile lines straight from the banking account. All you need to do is dial in a short code, then send another code so that your services are quickly recharged. This includes customers who use e-wallet so that they can take advantage directly from GSM lines by dialing the proper number.

The benefits start with having a fast way to recharge your mobile phone anytime up to N5,000. Plus, there are no additional fees, PIN number, or even enrollment in the system. If you are an Ecobank customer, you can take advantage of these services when you want.

History of Ecobank

Established in 1985, Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI) was created by the Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce & Industry along with the Economic Community of West African States. The purpose was to establish a privately-owned bank in West Africa which was dominated by state and foreign-owned banks. By filling this vacuum, it allowed Africans in the region to enjoy the services of a bank designed for their needs without the restrictions of state and foreign-owned entities.

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With authorized capital holdings of $100 million with $32 million raised from over 1,500 companies, organizations, and individuals, ETI started on strong footing and has been able to grow over time to become one of the most important banks in West Africa. Being a commercial bank with the largest shareholder ECOWAS Fund, it has allowed ETI to stretch out and provide new services for their customers. This included being granted the status of an international organization in 1988 so that ETI could go beyond West Africa and provide services to the government of Togo.

Benefits of Ecobank Online Banking Services

There are several advantages to using Ecobank mobile banking services with your smartphone or tablet. If you are on the go, then you will appreciate having these services available to you.

  • Pay your bills
  • Send money anytime
  •  Purchase airtime when needed
  •  Make transfers when you want
  •  Check your balances and more

The advantages make your Ecobank internet banking experience simple and enjoyable. For those who are on the move or cannot go to the bank when needed, having these online services is a real plus. If you are looking to improve your banking experience with Ecobank, downloading the app is the best place to start. It’s fast, simple, and allows you to access your accounts when you want 24/7.