Beta Glass Company Plc Company Address & Contact Details in Nigeria

Beta Glass Plc is involved in creating glasses and glassware for different companies that need them. You take a drink of juice of soft drink daily. Its boc gases plc nigeria duty to produce these containers for the respective clients that they have. Although they are a subsidiary of frigoglass nigeria, beta glass seem to be on the rise as they services are in high demands both locally and internationally. Younger manufacturing industries who are involved in export of good and services who need them to do well.

Beta Glass Company Plc Head Office Address Information

Iddo House, Iddo,
P.O. Box 159, Lagos.
Tel: 234-01-7740844, 7747602, 7748339
Fax: 234-01-7748073

KM 17 Warri-Patani Road Ughelli,
Delta State, Nigeria

Tel.: + 00 234 53251093 – 1072
Fax:+  00 234 53251072

Email: [email protected]

Website information:

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6 thoughts on “Beta Glass Company Plc Company Address & Contact Details in Nigeria

  1. hello, I would like to make glass bottles in large quantity and would appreciate it if you can give me a number I can contact ypur company on. thanks

  2. Please, I will like to know if you buy broken glass pieces. If yes, I will also like to know the amount you buy each kilogram.

  3. My name is Edozie Emilia and I’m a student of the national open university of Nigeria studying Environmental science and resource management. I’d like to carry out my industrial training in your firm. I’ve heard nice reports about this firm and I’ve always had a strong passion for learning about how glass wares are made. I’d like to know if your firm will accept interns this year. Thanks

  4. Am a student of Caritas University enugu, studying microbiology ND biotechnology.. Seeking for place of industrial training.. Though I hv submitted in ur company but want to know the duties of a microbiologist in ur company.. ND also to know if there is a laboratory Dat will enable me to carry out my duties well..

  5. Please I want to know if your company produces transparent glass cups.

    I tried all your phone numbers non worked.

    Please be kind to reply.

    Nwoke N

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