Businesses You Can Start With 10,000 Naira In Nigeria

When the going gets tough, only the toughs get going. The competition for jobs out there is very real. With unemployment at its peak, it is not surprising that graduates now accept job offers that are way beneath their academic qualifications. Success is something that everyone wants but what most people forget is that nobody ever gets rich by being on a salary (except government officials, that is). So why not be your own boss, break out of that comfort zone and start a business you can call your own. Capital is always an excuse most fresh graduates give. If you would permit me to say, a lot of people live above their means. Why not cut down on some of the extravaganza and save a little money. These businesses listed here do not require much capital. With 10,000 Naira you are good to go. Businesses always require resilience and patience, with time you begin to real the benefits and then expand.

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List of Businesses to Start With 10,000 Naira or Less In Nigeria

1. Soap making

This business has a good profit margin. Free classes in soap making are organised quite often which gives you an opportunity to learn and save your capital strictly for the business. You can sell to houses, laundromats and offices.

2. Recharge Card

Not a day goes by in Nigeria without someone purchasing recharge cards. You don’t need to rent a shop for this business as sales can be done everywhere, even on the go. There’s also the option of buying and selling through VTU.

3. Laundry

I know some people who love washing. If you belong to this class of people, utilise your skills and run a laundry service. With 10,000 you can get detergent, bar soap, buckets, an iron plus other essentials. Do it in the comfort of your home.

4. Hairdressing

Starting this business requires little or no money. Each client comes with hair extensions and all you have to do is to do the work. Home service is an excellent way to start especially since the money to rent a shop might not be available.

5. Bulk sms

Just like the recharge card business, starting a bulk sms business requires little capital and transactions can be done through your phone.

6. Phone accessories

Nigerians are phone lovers. Grabbing every opportunity they have to get the latest “machine”. Phone accessories go hand in hand with phones. You can be assured of daily sales.

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7. Selling used books

Nigerians are a studious bunch. Students, workers, children read books. Why not ask friends and family about books they no longer use. Or better still, place orders online and when they arrive, add some profit then sell it off again.

8. Beads and Wireworks Making

Beads and wirework making is quite lucrative and cheap to start. With weddings happening almost every Saturday, brides have taken it up as an exercise to exquisitely adorn themselves with jewelry. Even men aren’t left out of this trend. Why not venture into this industry and see how much money you can make.

9. Cake/pastry making

This is another case of harnessing your talent into making a fortune. Household names in the pastry industry didn’t start out big. If you have the knack for it, certainly by word of mouth the business will grow as your clientele grows.

10. Car wash

Setting up a standard car wash business could run into millions. All hope is not lost for someone with little capital. With a hose, abundant water supply and soap the business is ready to kick off.

They say, little drops of rain makes an ocean? always remember that the right time to start is now, opportunities are like moving trains, when u see one, never hesitate.

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