CAC Nigeria: How To Check Online If Your Business Name Has Been Approved

how-to-check-if-your-business-name-has-been-approved-by-cac-nigeriaWhen CAC launched their online business registration many termed it a welcome development tough long overdue, this time, they have incorporated the ability to check online if your business or company name has been approved. One major advantage of this is that you do not need to physically visit their offices as you can do this at your comfort zone. Great news right?

I will be taking you through the step by step process on how to check online if your business name has been approved by CAC by visiting CAC Nigeria website and following the procedures.

The good thing about this is that you can do your verification on the go, using either your laptop, mobile phone or any device that is internet connected.

I have friends that have done this so why wait?

You need to pay the sum of N500 for your business name search and payment must be duly confirmed by CAC haven done that, then you can check online if your business names have been approved by CAC by following me through the steps below:

How To Check Online If Your Business Name Has Been Approved

==>  Go to:
==>  Click on “Create account” link
==>  Click on the Sign In link at the right hand corner of your PC screen
==>  Sign in with your username and password
==>  Click on the “Name Search” tab
==>  Click on the “My Reservation History” tab

On the screen, you will see the status of your submitted names. You will see which of the two names is approved and the reservation date. Click on the ACTION button to download approval, this downloaded document would is in PDF format

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You can then proceed with the business registration.

Please Note!
==> Name will be reserved for 60days. So, complete the registration as soon as possible
==> CAC Nigeria would most likely not send you an email to inform you about the approval of your business names. So, make it a duty to always log in to the portal for confirmation.

I hope this piece was helpful?

Thank me later!

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