Car Tracking Device Prices And How To Get Them

Car Tracking in NigeriaCar tracking devices have been in the market for a long time although many in this part of the world are yet to discover the real work it does. It is one of the modern technology which enables one track the movement of his car.. But the best place to start is with the basics.

What does a GPS car tracking system do?

A GPS system of tracking your car helps you achieve a lot of things. Take for example you’ve just arrive a new area and you are seeking to find a good accommodation. What if you admit that you need to find where you are currently and what part of the town you are heading to. This is where a GPS tracking device comes in handy as it will give you directions and clearly shown guides of your navigation. Parents who are concerned about their children will find these devices very useful.

A car tracking devices gives relevant information to car owners about

  • Where the car currently is.
  • How far has it travelled
  • How to locate It easily.

How To Choose a Car Tracking Device in Nigeria 

You need to take a lot of things into consideration if you hope to select a good GPS tracking device. Some of the factors will include:

  1. The quality of the tracking device
  2. The model and type of tracking devices
  3. The price of the GPS navigation system

If you intend to use your car personal purposes then you might need just a simple GPS tracking device and software. However, if you run a car rental service, then a more sophisticated car tracking device is what you need to get. This might mean you looking more into your initial budget and spending more for the quality.

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Car Tracking Device Prices:

You should call and find out their recent prices. Or visit their website.

How to Get the Car Tracking Devices in Nigeria

There are a number of companies that offer the installation and sale of the car tracking devices. I cannot give you any detailed price as it can be negotiated but check them. Simply do search with the names on Vconnect Website to get full details.

Here are some contacts I found on vconnect website:

  1. Octopus Security and Allied services Limited

Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

  1. Fastanet Limited

Oshodi Agege Expressway, Oshodi Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria

Auto Accessories Auto Tracking Services Automobile Auto Tracking Services

  1. Above And Beyond Global Investment Limited

Ojodu Berger, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Auto Tracking Services Information Technology Security & Telecom Automation System Auto Tracking Services

  1. Global Total Security Solutions

Area 11, Abuja Municipal, Abuja, Nigeria

Arms And Ammunitions Auto Dealers (four Wheelers) Auto Tracking Services Auto Tracking Services

  1. Divinely Linked Computers

Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Audio Visual Equipment Auto Tracking Services batteries Auto Tracking Services

  1. Garu Technologies Nigeria Limited

Ikeja Area Office, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Auto Accessories Auto Mechanics Auto Services Auto Tracking Services

  1. Europcar Nigeria

Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria

Auto Dealers (Four Wheelers) Auto Services Auto Tracking Services Auto Tracking Services

  1. Dougy Tyre

Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Auto Services Auto Tracking Services Automobile Auto Tracking Services

  1. Jomry Nigeria Limited

Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

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