Car Wash Equipment: Where to Get Them

Running a car wash business with necessary equipment requires patience and hard work. In Nigeria for example, there are lots of youths and unemployment has always been on the increase. The need to keep young people engaged while making money in the process means that car washing and the necessary equipment needed to do this business has to be put in place. Again, the prices of the equipment and where to get them will be discussed in this guide.

2 Types Of Car Wash Business Model.

  • The automatic car wash equipment business layout

Auto Car washThis cannot be easily practiced in Nigeria due to the nature. Its capital intensive as you will need electricity and finance as it could cost about $14,000 which is approximately over N3 million. You do not want your clients or customers to wait until NEPA brings light before you remove their car from the engine. The money invested in the automatic model could be channeled in the manual model of car washing.

  • Manual car washing and equipment

Manual CarwashThis model is practicable in Nigeria as we have seen in many areas. It  also cost less. There are necessary equipment you require to begin. Here are some of them

  1. Equipment’s/Bore Hole cost N120,000 or more.

This will provide source for the water you need. It’s among the basic things you should take into consideration

  1. Spider pump: A very good one that is durable and easily repairable when damaged will do.
  1. Hose: A good hose will increase the rush and pump of water for washing.
  1. Vacuum Cleaner: Sometimes, there are parts of the vehicle you need to vacuum. Again some customers come with rugs and carpets for cleaning. A durable vacuum cleaner helps in this regard
  1. Tank: This is for storing water as a reservoir
  1. Steam Washer: Get a good steam washer if you can.
  1. Sprayer
  2. Generator: No sooner have you began your car wash business than you will need a generator as power is never stable.
  1. Chairs and Tables: A few tables and chair for clients to sit and relax while you wash for them(It is also advised you get a canopy so your customers don’t sit in the sun waiting)
  1. Washing Accessories (Detergents, brushes, polisher, etc)
  2. Rented Land: Get a good space to accommodate at least 5 cars at the same time.
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You can easily get the car washing equipment and materials from any of these dealers found on Vconnect website.

  1. Wilson International Nigeria Limited: Alaba International Market, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria
  2. Mr Kyels Services Limited:mAbeokuta South, Ogun, Nigeria
  3. Ben-Anderson Nigeria Limited: Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria
  4. Sonny International Real Motors: Gate Ibadan, Ibadan North, Oyo, Nigeria

Auto Dealers (Four Wheeler’s) Auto Spare Parts Automobile Car Washing Machine

Sonny International Real Motors: Olayinka Merchandise, Akure South, Ondo, Nigeria

Audio Visual Equipments Auto Dealers (Two & Three Wheelers) Automobile Car Washing Machine

Emmy Madu Enterprises Nigeria Limited: Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria

Naken Car Wash Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services: Karu, Abuja, Nigeria

The real prices of the items can be gotten if you give them a call. You can find more information on the sellers website. Simply do a Google search on their name+ car wash equipment. For example  “emmy madu car wash+ website”

If you have other questions not related to car wash business we can be of help, simple post your questions Here

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