Chelsea Hotel Abuja: Contact Details, Room Prices, Online Booking & Reservations

Chelsea Hotel Abuja
Chelsea Hotel Abuja

Chelsea Hotel Abuja ranks as one of the top 10 hotels in Abuja, known for its exquisite and premium services, cosy and serene environment to dowse and relieve you from the day’s stress.

There is Chelsea Hotel Abuja Center and Chelsea Hotel Abuja Wuse 2. This post will be focusing on the same hotel but from different angles based on their locations.

Chelsea Hotel Abuja is a multi star best-in-class hospitality experience that will surely blow your mind. Anybody who understands the standard and cost of living in Abuja would agree with me that with this hotel, you can actually eat your cake and still have it.

Set in the undulating and beckoning hills of Wuse zone 2, Abuja, it is barely 2 minutes drive from the prestigious Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja, and barely 30 minutes drive from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja, Chelsea Hotels is a perfect description of Art deco architectural design which accentuates and complements the iconic beauty of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

Chelsea Hotel Abuja Room Prices, Online Booking & Reservations

The world is a global village, you do not have to be physically present to do hotel room reservations now at your convenience,

Select your preferred room and click to make reservations online.

Chelsea Hotel Abuja Room Prices

Classic Room

This is the least of all rooms in Chelsea Hotel Abuja, when i say least, don’t get it twisted, i am simply talking in terms of room price here. This room comes with a (6’x6′) king size bed, measuring 28Sq metre. It has an Air conditioner, Flat screen Television, Tea/Coffee making facilities, Toilet/Bath, Wardrobe/Closet, Telephone and a Weighing Device. This room is not available in their Abuja Center district except the Wuse zone 2 district.

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This room goes for ₦34,525 per night. Very affordable for an average Abuja corporate worker.

De Luxe Room

This is a STANDARD room with an accurate measurement of (6’x6′) king size bed for your pleasure, measuring up to 28Sq Metre.  It comes with it, one Air conditioner, Flat Screen Television, one toilet and bathroom, wardrobe, closet, telephone and Tea/Coffee making facilities.

Chelsea hotel Abuja charges ₦35,525 per night for their De Luxe rooms. Click here to book online.

Superior Room

The Superior room is quite similar to the De Luxe, the only difference is that the superior room has a bigger room, well furnished with two (4’x6′) beds, measuring 29Sq Metre. This room is best suited for companies or private individuals sent on official assignment and wish to pair staff together.

Chelsea hotel Abuja charges ₦42,520 per night for their Superior rooms. Click here to book online.

Executive Room

This is an EXQUISITE room that comes with a King sized (6’x6′) bed, measuring up to 40Sq Metre, the Executive room comes with an extra Parlour setting.

It is loaded with all the facilities of both the De Luxe and Superior rooms put together. Just like the name, it is best suited for executives though quite affordable. This room goes for ₦44,000 naira per night for Chelsea Hotel Abuja Center while Chelsea hotel Wuse 2 charges 42,000 Naira per night for the Executive room. Click here to book online

Regal Room

There is a mixture of beautiful colours in this room. The Regal room also comes with a king size (6’x6′) bed and it measures 43Sq Metre with a lot of throw pillows.  It is a combination of the executive room, superior and De Luxe rooms.

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This room goes for ₦48,545 per Night. Click here to book online

Panoramic Room

This room clearly depicts Chelsea Hotel Abuja as a King kong in the hospitality business in Nigeria. The beauty of this room would wow your mind. Very spacious with magnificently decorated parlour setting.  The position of the room gives the individual the panoramic view of Abuja city with a feel of happiness

Chelsea Hotel Abuja charges ₦54,505 per Night, trust me it is worth it! Click here to book online

Junior Suite

This is like a home outside your traditional home. It is a cosy room and parlour that has a connecting door. Both the room and parlor has the facilities of panoramic Suite.

This room goes for ₦62,500 per night for Chelsea Hotel Abuja Centre while Wuse 2 charges ₦60,375 per night. The difference is quite insignificant.

Click here to book online

Ambassadorial Suite

This is a bed room APARTMENT fully equipped with a dining room, kitchenette, Bar, Store, guest Toilet ward robe, 2 air conditioner and all the facilities in the panoramic room.etc.

With a very big colourful and spacious parlour. The king sized bed in the room is (6’ by 6’) made of pure feathered pillows for a pleasurable night.

With this room, your decisions can never be wrong!

This room goes for just ₦82,840 per night. Click here to book online

Presidential Suite

Now to the best or better put, master of all rooms in Chelsea hotel Abuja.

Presidential suite is not different from the Ambassadorial Suite, all facilities are the same only what makes it different is the two bed room APARTMENT the Presidential Suite comes with, remember that the Ambassadorial suite comes with just a room.

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The Two Rooms and a parlour of the Presidential suite put together measures up to 100Sq metre.

Click here to book online

Chelsea Hotel Abuja Contact Details

Plot 123 Cadastral Zone A0, Central Business District – Abuja

Plot 374 E, Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse II – Abuja

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