Cost Of Registering A Business Name In Nigeria With CAC

Registering a business name is as important for the survival of the business, many shy away from this due to the cost implication. Imagine after struggling to create a value for the business but not registered and some investor from nowhere does a search only to find out the your business name is not registered with CAC (corporate Affair Commission), and registers the company name you have worked so hard n creating so much value for, how sad! Because no matter the SANs you bring into the case in the court of law, you are as good as fighting a lost battle.

Whether you own a shop, or an artisan, large corporation, small or even start-up, you have a certain interest in protecting your brand (business or company name) by registering it fully under the corporate affairs commission.

The company or business name plays a fundamental role in advertising strategy and trade policy of any company. It indeed helps to shape the image and strengthen the reputation of the products of a company to consumers. And image and reputation of a company born of course trust, itself essential to customer retention and enhancement of the company. A carefully selected and nurtured business name is therefore a valuable business asset for most companies.

The onus of this post is to give the reader the step by step information on the cost of registering a business name in Nigeria under the watchman ship of the corporate affairs commission.

If you have been confused as the exact cost of registering your business name in Nigeria, now i got it all covered for u.
Below is the table showing the different costs associated with registering a business name, i also wrote an article on how to register your business name in Nigeria. You need to read it also as it is associated with this post.

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At the end of this post, you will have at your finger tips, the cost of registering a business name, how much it costs to register a company name and all that are required in getting a business or company name.


S/N SUBJECT FEES in Naira (₦)
1 Reservation of Name N500.00
2 Registration of private company with share capital of N1million or less N10,000.00
3 Registration of private company/Increase in Share Capital above N1million and upto N500million N5,000.00 for every N1million share capital or part thereof
4 Registration of private company/Increase in share capital above N500million N7,500.00 for every N1million share capital or part thereof
5 Registration of Public company/Increase in share capital N20,000.00 for the first N1million share capital or part thereof
6 Registration of Public Company/Increase in share capital above N1million and up to N500million N10,000.00 for every N1million share capital or part thereof
7 Registration of Public Company/increase in share
capital above N500 million
N15,000.00 for every N1million share capital or part thereof
8 Registration of Company not having a share capital N20,000.00

The cost of registering a business name is Nigeria as seen in this post is quite negligible for a startup business venture!

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