DHL Nigeria: How To Monitor & Track Shipments Online Via DHL ProView

Though this post is all about how to monitor and track your goods or items sent via DHL Express but it is necessary we give you a brief introduction of DHL Nigeria for those who care to know.

DHL Nigeria is a sub-division of German logistics company known as Deutsche Post DHL with rich experience of providing international express mail services majorly via air and sea. Deutsche Post DHL is widely regarded as the world’s largest logistics service company operating around the world.

The company was founded in 1969 with the initial aim of delivering documents strictly from San Francisco to Honolulu, the company expanded its service throughout the world by the late 1970s. With initial interest in offshore and inter-continental deliveries, there was paradigm shift in the course of doing business, when FedEx started their own intra-US expansion in 1983 which was of course successful. This prompted DHL to follow suit and equally expanded to countries that could not be served by any other service delivery companies, they expanded their services to Cuba, The Soviet Union, Eastern Bloc, Nigeria, Ghana, Iraq, Iran, China, Vietnam, North Korea and other continents of the world.

DHL ProView: Introduction

DHL ProView is a web-based tracking service for DHL Express account holders (Meant for frequent shippers) that provides automatic notifications to you and anyone you specify – via email or text message – when shipments are picked up and delivered. DHL ProView also lets you monitor shipments online by account number, status and more.

This gives you real time information about the position or location of your goods on the go, be it in the office, meeting, eating or having fun, just name it, and best of all, it provides the shipment information you need to keep your customers and colleagues up to date and in the loop – for free!


Steps On How To Monitor Your Shipment(s) Using DHL ProView

Before you starting using the shipment monitoring features of DHL ProView, you need to:

  • Have a DHL Express account number (click to register)
  • Be sure you have all your account numbers (if you have multiple accounts) that you want to monitor
  • Request a PIN for each account number

Your PIN will let you and only you activate your DHL accounts in ProView. If you use several DHL Express accounts, you will need to request a PIN for each account.

  • Upon receipt of your PIN, activate your account by registering with DHL ProView

Please ensure you have a PIN per account before registering so that you are able to successfully complete your registration process.

Request a PIN by Phone – our Customer Service team will be happy to support you in the PIN and registration process.

Call Customer Service at: +234 1 2700908

How To Track Your Shipments Directly

For direct tracking of your item(s), simply put in your tracking number given to you upon registration of your items meant for shipment and click TRACK BUTTON, note that you can track up to 10 different items at once using this means by separating each tracking number with a comma(,)

Request a PIN Online

Complete their online PIN request and in no time their customer service team would get back in touch with you

Why Use DHL Tracking ProView?

  • Faster access to shipment information
  • Monitor your shipments using your account number–in real-time!
  • Sort and filter shipments by account, waybill number, status (picked up, delivered, etc.), shipment date and much more
  • Use with all DHL Express account numbers and associated shipments
  • View status of DHL Import Express shipments
  • View or download shipment and status information for up to 2,000 account numbers
  • Receive real-time notification via email or SMS text messaging
  • Choose when, how and which notifications are sent and who receives them
  • Create notifications by waybill, account, contact and events
  • Store unlimited notification contacts
  • Receive detailed per-shipment information or helpful summary digests
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