FedEx Nigeria: Delivery Rates & Services Plus Contact Details

FedEx is a multinational courier service provider with its headquarters in Memphis, Illinois, U.S.A. It operates in over 220 countries around the world. FedEx is the major pioneer of top class courier services like over night shipping service and package tracking system.
With over 45 years experience in the courier and logistics business, there is no doubt that they are the world’s largest courier services provider with both air and ground coverage.
In Nigeria, FedEx operates an inbound and outbound shipping services(domestic and international shipping).

FedEx Domestic Services

Thinking of sending a package to a friend or relative within the country? Take advantage of FedEx domestic services to send your package anywhere in Nigeria. It takes about one day to deliver items within Lagos, airports and major cities across Nigeria as this depends on the time the item arrived at their office and registered, It could take up to two days if the item to be sent isn’t registered before 12pm, while it takes about 3 days tops to get to other destinations within the country.

International Services

FedEx operates an outbound courier service where you can send your package any where within FedEx destinations. It takes about 3 days to deliver across the U.S.A and Canada and 4 days to get your package across other FedEx destinations.
However, FedEx ships virtually any consumer goods or services excluding goods that violate their terms of services.

List Of Items Prohibited By FedEx

Some items are prohibited by FedEx, its is in their policy and cannot be compromised. They include;
1. Money


2. Weapons

3. Corpses

4. Explosives

5. Foodstuff and beverages requiring refrigeration

6. Plants and plant materials

7. Hazardous waste

8. Wet ice

9. Live animals and insects

10. Shipments that are prohibited to ship by law

11. Shipments that require FedEx to obtain any special import license to ship

12. Lottery tickets and gambling devices

13. Shipment to APO/FPO addresses

14. Cash on delivery shipments

15. Pornography and or obscene materials

16. Packages that are wrapped in kraft paper

17. Packages that are wet or emit an odour of any kind

18. Dead animals, shipments that may cause damage to personnel or other goods.

FedEx Customer Care Number

In Nigeria, the operations of FedEx express is been represented by Red Star Express.



70 international airport road,

Mafoluku, Lagos.
Phone: +234 12715670 (Ext: 1297).

FedEx Nigeria Rates And Transit Time

To get the actual charge for your shipment, FedEx uses a calculator tool that puts into consideration factors such as weight, dimension, destination, currency conversion rates and fast tracking, to determine the actual cost of shipment. To get a quotation, use the rate finder on their website.

Money Back Guarantee

FedEx operates a return policy where by if you are dissatisfied with the services, arising from the delay in delivery or destruction of goods during transit, after been handed to FedEx operatives. However, the money back guarantee is not applicable to items unacceptable for carriage.

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