First bank of Nigeria Online Internet Banking: How To Register And Use

It is only stale news that there would be any functional bank without proper IT solutions.This requires us to shine a light on one bank that has made the very correct decision of continuously evolving with time – First Bank of Nigeria and this article will be focusing on First bank of Nigeria Online Internet Banking platform, its benefits, uses, how to register and all that you need to know.

First Bank is definitely one of the first generation banks that has seen the emergence and bankruptcy of some newer generation banks. The ability to make all necessary efforts and put all required technicalities in place to see to it that they follow the online trend has been one noteworthy point for First Bank’s recession survival.

We aren’t about digging up First Bank’s history; so we’ll just quickly talk about their internet banking structure. Below, we would provide you with a detailed guide pertaining to registering, using, understanding and utilizing the First Bank Online internet banking platform. Before then, you might be wandering what internet banking has over the regular banking system.


Merits Of First Bank’s Online Internet Banking

There are quite a number of things to gain from going the online way as a First Bank account holder. The online platform is referred to as ‘First Online’ and it encompasses virtually everything you can intend to do in the banking hall… Well, except probably giving the Customer Care Personnel a piece of your mind.

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The Benefits of First Bank’s Online Internet Banking includes:

  • The online platform allows you check your First Bank account balance.
  • Right from the First online platform, you can preview your transaction history
  • You can lodge complains and manage your account.
  • You can recharge on your mobile number and friend’s number.
  • You can manage your ATM card(s), change your security PIN and generate one time transaction codes.
  • You can pay quite a number of bills from the first online platform (including Cable TV bills, Internet data subscription, utility bills, and so on.
  • You can also fund your e-commerce wallet straight from your First Online internet banking platform.
  • You can initiate transfers to own account(s) and also transfer to other bank accounts (both First Bank account holders and other banks) this apparently saves you the stress of queuing up at the bank.
  • Changes (Phone number, email address, location, etc.) made to your account over the First Online internet banking platform are immediately reflected on your account (From observation, these changes are implemented faster than going to the bank to make them physically).
  • You can pay for hotel bookings, flight tickets, visa application fees and the like, straight from the First Online internet banking platform.
  • You can confirm and manage your Cheques.
  • You can add or remove signatories to your corporate account upon verification from the comfort of your home or office.

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The points mentioned above and much more are the things you enjoy by signing up for the First Online internet banking platform as a First Bank account holder. The number highlight is the ability to effortlessly carry out your transactions and general banking activities from the comfort of your office desk, on your couch at home, or in your hammock while on vacation.

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How to Register And Use First Online Internet Banking

Even as First Bank customer, you can’t access any of the First Online internet banking platform’s features without first registering on the platform. One of the significance of registering is that it automatically means you agree to the terms and conditions guiding use of the platform and you would adhere to the regulations guiding it (a lot of us don’t usually read these ‘long’ legal write-ups but I think we should).

To register for First Online Internet banking, follow the step-by-step guide below. You can also indicate in the comment section, if you have any question, or you need clarity on any part of this post. Let’s go on.

  • You would have to visit which is First Bank’s Internet banking portal.
  • Next thing is to download the application form and fill it correctly, after which you should take it to any First Bank Branch close to you for submission.

The mode of registration for First Online has been criticized by many a few customers but First generation banks would still have that ‘first-generation’ touch. (Just my thought). Registration would be completed at the bank and you can login after registration, to enjoy any of the features you would want to.

How To use First Online Internet Banking platform;

  • On your web browser (either on your mobile device or pc, visit: .
  • You would be required to login with your username (generated for you at the bank).
  • After logging in, you would need to click on the ‘Mail’ button. This is usually found on the left hand side of the web page.
  • After that, you would need to check your mail for the password sent you. Copy it correctly since you can’t access your online account (for the first time) without it.
  • Return to the First Online website and enter your default username and your password (the same one that was sent in the mail). Please be sure that you correctly input the password and be sure to check if your ‘Caps Lock’ is on/off because passwords are case sensitive.
  • After your successful first login attempt, the first thing you should look to do is to change the password to one that works for you and is unique to you. Although there are conditions to your First Online password structure (your new password must contain at least one special character, one number, and at least one alphabet.
  • After changing your password you can then go ahead to confirm/verify your email address. Once this is done, you are good to start enjoying the immense benefit of the First Online Internet banking platform.
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