Glo Custormer Service And Call Centre Number

Glo is Nigeria’s first indigenous GSM Company, they are known for pioneering campaigns with better packages for their subscribers. One notable change Glo brought into the telecommunication industry in Nigeria one was the per second billing which they introduced pioneered then other Telcos (Telecommunication Companies) followed suit.

Glo has over 27million subscribers on its network and still counting. Many people have been searching for Glo customer care number online and here it is. Huge subscriber base comes with bigger responsibilities and in turn, bigger problems, which bring us to getting this info (Glo customer service and call Centre number, email, twitter handle and website).


Glo Prepaid Call Center 121
Glo website
Glo Email Address [email protected]
Glo Customer care Twitter handle
Corporate Call Center 200
0805 002 0200
Glo Corporate Customer Care Email Address [email protected]
Premium Helpdesk 171
Self Care 500
5001- Direct Access English
5002 – Direct Access Yoruba
5003 – Direct Access Hausa
5004 – Direct Access Igbo
Broad Access 01 909 0200
01 909 [email protected]
Glo Blackberry 0805 123 4567 – Post-paid
333 – [email protected]


This is simple, simply dial 0805 002 0121 from your phone and that’s all, and please note that you will be charged asper Glo call rate.

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One thought on “Glo Custormer Service And Call Centre Number

  1. Am Ayodele Sulaiman with a Mobile (Solo Aspire 3) phone numbers 08052472546, location from Ojodu Berger, off Kosoko road.
    I subscriber for the glo 3gb since on Friday last week 18/11/2016 I was unable to used it to browse since, I have called the customers services centre and I was even directed to called 444 for data complain centre, having called them several times and lay my complained in which they asked for my details contact above.
    I was inform they will forward my complained to the software engineer that will work on it.
    I received a message this afternoon that my complained has been resolved.
    But to my amazement it is still not browsing, how can someone load a card to buy a data and not be able to make used of it going a more than a week now this an absolutely absurd and devastating network, the first subscription I subscribe work from 08:00am -08:00pm what a hell, I didn’t buy hours I only subscriber for 1month, what hell will that be.
    Just for me to renewal my subscription on last week, can’t make used of it since then, this a madness, why doing advertising on radio and TV since you poor office can’t make the used of the fund to upgraded your networking services accessories around the country, it’s just a waste of fund using glo network to browse.
    If someone has an important messages to pass out very urgently, is that how your organization turn us slowly down and yet you are still advertising 4g LTE when the 3g is bad his can 4g function actively .you need to do something to your Data services network or else you might all losing subscribers to another networks they will easily embrace it even if there data is small as Long as they are able to make used of it faster with out network conflict.

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