Who are the Hottest Nigerian Celebrities?

It seems that every year there are countries whose celebrities emerge on the international scene and today Nigeria is in the spotlight. Nigerian celebrities are gaining international fame thanks to their work in television, films, and the stage. The growth of the Nigerian film industry, called “Nollywood”, has helped many Nigerian actresses achieve fame on a far greater scale than what was possible just a few years ago.

Here are five of the hottest Nigerian or Nollywood actresses whose talent, beauty, and determination have made them famous outside the confines of Nigeria.

Genevieve Nnaji

Arguably the most sought-after of all Nollywood actresses, Genevieve first became famous in her own country back in 1998 when she started appearing in Nollywood films. Today, her youthful appearance at 35 combined with her stunning talent has created the moniker, the “Julia Roberts of Africa”. Her fame has spread to Europe and America thanks to her talent and abilities and her fashion sense is well-respected.

Eva Alordiah

The rap artist known for her snappy lyrics, Eloho Eva Alordiah is a beautiful, fresh-faced celebrity of many different talents. Her accomplishments start with being a rapper, but includes being a well-respected makeup artist, model, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. Her beautiful eyes and glowing face augment her inherent talent that may only be surpassed by her determination.

Munachi Abii

Muna’s fame began in 2007 when she won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria. Since that time, she has soared to fame based on her extraordinary talents that have combined with her natural beauty. Over the years, Muna has managed to earn many accolades in the entertainment industry, especially as a rap artist, and her future looks brighter than ever.

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Tiwa Savage

Called the First Lady of the Supreme Mavin Dynasty, Tiwa Savage has managed to make it to the top of celebrity status in Nigeria. An accomplished singer, her extraordinary beauty has helped her reach new levels of fame and her stunning eyes have enthralled millions. Happily married, Tiwa Savage seems to have it all as being one of the most famous of Nigerian celebrities.


Tolu Oniru or Toolz as she is known across Nigeria, has carved out her place in the entertainment industry across West Africa. She hosts the X-Factor West Africa, runs her own morning radio show on Beat 99.9FM called The Midday Show, and has generated plenty of conversation about her big, bold curves. Confident, talented, and beautiful, Toolz has demonstrated that talent comes in many different forms.

These are just five of the most famous Nigerian celebrities who have managed to carve out their place in the sun. From celebrated Nigerian actresses to rap and radio personalities, they have garnered their fame the old-fashioned way, through hard work. The emergence of Nollywood actresses speaks to the growing attention that the world is paying to Nigeria and West Africa as a new place for celebrities to emerge on the international scene. Who knows what celebrity from Nigeria may emerge next and the new hot talent that will captivate the world.