How To Activate and Use MTN 4G LTE Network On Your Smartphone

Way back in the early 2000s most Telecommunications Company in Nigeria offered us Edge network services and subsequently upgraded to 3G network services and then 3.5G network services before upgrading to 4G LTE.

Today practically all networks have upgraded to the we are used to the 3G or 3.5G networks,  but an upgrade has been done and the outcome of this upgrade is a super fast internet called. Let us not forget that the onus of this post is to expose to the general public the new MTN 4G LTE Services and how to can activate the MTN 4G LTE on your Smartphones.

4G LTE no doubt is the new technology, if you do not follow the train, you will be left behind, so join the train and enjoy all the values and packages that comes with using MTN 4G LTE and how it can be registered on your internet connected android, iOS or blackberry devices. Most android devices has always come with this features but since our networks never used to support them, many had little idea or knowledge of how it values. Though this post is about MTN 4G LTE and how to activate your sim and use on your Smartphone.

It no longer trending that MTN Nigeria has released their 4G LTE network just as like other networks, it is only a common thing for one network to pioneer a new technology and other networks follow suit.

MTN network has the largest coverage in Nigeria that is the more reason the MTN Nigeria 4G LTE has become imperative and a must know for all MTN network users.

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Apart from MTN and GLO , this 4G LTE network in Nigeria has been in existence for some years now. We use to have Swift 4G LTE, Sprectranet Swift 4G LTE , Smile 4G LTE and amongst others . 4G LTE companies are springing up in Nigeria. Straight to the nitty-gritty


Activating your the MTN 4G LTE service is so simple, as an MTN subscriber,

Step 1: Get a new sim card or swap your old sim card for a compatible 4G sim enabled card from any MTN dealer outlet closest to you. However, it is very important you know that MTN 4G networks currently run on Band 7 (2600mHz) and you can easily confirm if your sim card and smartphone supports their 4G services by following the instructions below:

Step 2: Text 4G to 131

You will receive an instant message from MTN  like this “Yello! Your device is 4G ready but you need to upgrade your SIM to enjoy MTN 4GLTE…” once you see this message then you know if your device is compatible or not.

  How to activate the MTN 4G LTE NETWORK on your smartphone

Upon confirmation that your mobile device is compatible with the MTN 4G LTE service, visit any MTN service center near you and request for a SIM swap to 4G compatible sim and you are good to go.
Any question(s) on the MTN 4G LTE network and how to activate your sim card to work on your smartphone? hit the comment section below and get an instant reply!

Hope this was helpful

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