How to Browse For Free on Airtel in Nigeria

Do you really want to know How to Browse For Free on Airtel in Nigeria? Airtel which was formerly called Zain has a robust network in Nigeria today. Browsing on this network has really offered many a succor from MTN harsh data pricing.

I am not trying to be brutal but it is nothing but the truth from a true customer. The first time I began using Airtel for free browsing was in 2011. However I learnt that they also have cheap paid subscription. I am talking of Airtel blackberry subscription.

Aside from the blackberry subscription, you can browse free on Airtel. This is the fact. Do not look too far. Be determined

After been told by a friend, he told me what to do to browse for free and for the paid plans. Free browsing on Airtel or any Nigeria network comes with a lot of hurdles and benefits also. Sometimes we have to weight them side by side to determine the better option one might likely go with. But before this comparison lets find out what is the meaning of free browsing.

Is Free Browsing Real?

Do you still doubt? Do not. Even if it’s not working for you, there are people who will never give a kobo to network operators. Myself decided that I will never spend more than I earn every month. Free browsing with Airtel is real. It has been around for a long time. Again, one factor that affect how frequent you get it is when you associate yourself with the right clique. They will always share their tips with you.

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Free browsing in Nigeria using Airtel or any other network is all about using zero naira for data subscription. All am saying is that you browse free when you get a configured settings that works or bypasses the operators security and creates a tunnel for free network browsing. This reminds me of the days of using your freedom with Airtel. Your-freedom is a software that allows us to browse free with our laptop computer. I may not be able to cover everything about it hear but you can do a Google search on your freedom browsing with Airtel and you will see what am saying.

Benefits of Browsing For Free on Airtel in Nigeria

Just as in many endeavor, there are many benefits which i have listed below.

1. Airtel is stable

When you are seeking for browsing free with your line on Airtel network, you are on a good path as their network is stable for most times of the day. I have been on Airtel network browsing for quite a long time. They do have their downtimes too. I believe that the operators in Nigeria are trying but kudos to Airtel this time around. They have truly done well.

2. Browse at fast speed

Their speed is quite fast. Blazing all the way. All you need to do here is to set up your free browsing configurations, after that connect your modem or have someone do it all for you than your begin to surf until you forget it was all free.

3. Do more online

Do you intend to watch educative movies and videos online? Then with Airtel free browsing codes and tweaks you will be able to do more of this. What about starting an online chat or business applications. This is one of the benefits of using Airtel browsing codes for free. I must confess that I don’t know how this codes come about. But I have heard several times that its guys at the hems of affair that leak it as a secret and you know how fast things like this can travel.

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4. Spend zero kobo

Zero kobo all they way. Do not forget to follow instructions given when browsing free with Airtel Nigeria. Sometimes you may be asked to leave hundred naira for it to work, other times, you may be asked to leave zero kobo and zero naira. If you can keep to these basic instructions then there won’t be any problem with Airtel tweaks.

Sites To Get Free Browsing Cheat Codes on Airtel in Nigeria

I have taken my time out of my busy schedule to give you some websites where you can get serious free browsing tweaks. The reason is that you need to always update the codes.

As you begin to browse free with your Airtel line and on your pc. The operator may block some of the sites tweaks so that is the reason why you should keep updating the free browsing codes. They could sometimes be stopped by jealous providers. Whenever this happens kindly browse and get the latest free browsing codes on Airtel for that season and that time. That the right thing to do. You may drop comments on some of the websites listed as the blog owner will be encouraged to drop more articles on the latest Airtel cheat codes or show you If he has already written a new article on it or has updated his old article.

Some of this site require your registration. Do not let this bug you and it is not a must either. I remember I usually visit naijaloaded in times past as they were one of the first blog to give out free browsing codes which made it so popular.

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Here is a list to get you started


Feel free to list any site that should be on this list by dropping a comment in the comment box below.

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