How To Create & Transfer Money Into GTBank Virtual MasterCard

How To Create & Transfer Money Into GTBank Virtual MasterCardTalk about a bank with online proficiency, talk about Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB). I remember when i had issues trying to make an urgent payment online after most banks suspended the usage of debit cards for international online purchases; my GT bank never failed me. Somehow, i still found my way out of the tricky situation.

Not many know about the GTB Virtual Master Card, the question now is, do you know how to create and fund GTBank Virtual MasterCard? As for those who do, all well and good, your input is vital but if you don’t, then by the end of this post, you should because that is the essence of this article..

The GTBank virtual card was recently launched in Nigeria as an added comfort for security conscious online shoppers who would rather not to use their regular debit/credit cards when making local and international payments on the internet. GTBank are known for innovations like this.

More so, the GTB Virtual MasterCard also act as a backup for customers who have forgotten or lost their card, but need to perform urgent online purchases.

For you to tap from this online service, you need to be registered on the GTB online service, if not, you can visit any of the GT Bank, get registered and generate your GTB virtual MasterCard from their online banking portal, their customer service would assist you with that, upon creating it, you will be able to see all the details of the card (number, cvv, expiry date, account number) and you will be able to transfer money to the card from other accounts listed on your internet banking dashboard.
How To Create GTBank Virtual MasterCard

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==> Go to
==> Click on “Login” and sign in with your internet banking user id and password
==> Click on “Cards” on the left sidebar
==> Click on “Virtual Card Request
==> Click on “New Request” and follow through the steps.

Once it’s successfully created, the details will be listed on the same page. You will be required to enter your token code to view the full details of the card.

How To Transfer Money To GTBank Virtual MasterCard Via Internet Banking

You must fund your GTB Virtual Master Card before you can use it to make online payments.

You can easily do this by making use of the “Own Account Transfer” module via “Account Transfer” but before you can do this, ensure that the virtual card’s account number has been listed on your Internet banking dashboard, else you won’t be able to fund it.

So, if the GTB virtual debit card’s account number is not showing immediately you create it, just chill till it appears. You might have to wait till the next working day though.

NB : Creating the GTBank virtual debit card is not free. Certain amount will be deducted from one of your GTB bank accounts. More so, you can convert the virtual card to a physical card.

I hope this was helpful. Your input is vital too

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