How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast: Top 10 Remedies

  1. Caring for food is essential for a healthy skin and a firmer, smoother appearance. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals will help greatly to prevent stretch marks in some areas of your body. It is advisable to consume fresh vegetables, legumes, fruits, vegetable oils and foods rich in vitamin E , not forgetting ingest enough water daily.

Other Natural Ways To Remove Stretch Mark From The Skin Includes:

8. Potato juice

The cheapest way but guaranteed to get rid of stretch marks fast is the potato. Potato helps to grow new skin cells and restore dead cells. It contains vitamins and minerals that are very useful for the skin. Take a fresh potatoes and cut into thick resource to prepare potato slices. Now, rub the potatoes on stretch marks for several minutes. You can apply potato dough to ensure that liquids potato touch marks. Leave the application to dry. Finally, wash the surface off with warm water.

9. Sugar

Sugar is a natural exfoliating dead skin cells. Take two teaspoons of white sugar; add a little lemon and olive oil natural juice. Mix well and apply the combination of the marks along the surface around. Now rub using a loofah for several minutes. Repeat this remedy, at least for a week to get rid of stretch marks fast.

9. Massage With Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a versatile natural plant used to treat various skin problems. Take some organic aloe gel; add 2 vitamin E and vitamin A capsules Mix the ingredients and apply the mixture on the affected area. Let dry before washing with warm water. Repeat the remedy again.

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10. Use anti stretch marks creams: You must not forget that there are creams specially designed to treat stretch marks. Most are made from plants. You could browse on creams for removing stretch marks.


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