How to Make BIG PROFITS from 1960BET: Strategies and Tricks


Making big profits on the 1960BET platform takes patience and determination. If you are ready to start making big profits from your favorite sports, then all you have to do is follow these steps on how to win big on 1960BET and apply the strategies there-in.

First of all, you need a NEW betting account. Now it doesn’t matter if you had one before, you will still need to create a new one and start fresh. A new account is a fresh start, no hiccups, no mistakes. A clean slate! So go visit and click on the “sign up” tab to the top right corner. Fill in your correct details and click on the “sign up” button at the bottom of the registration page. Now you have a 1960BET account and you can now start winning big.

Now that you have a 1960BET account, the next step is to make a deposit into your bet account. You can either make a deposit over the counter at all SKYE banks nationwide, use your accredited DEBIT cards/ATM cards or visit any 1960BET shop nationwide. Now your BET account has been accredited and you now have the means to start placing bets.

Now in order to make big profits, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Never bet at the start of the season: Betting at the start of season is very dangerous and a sure way of losing money. You haven’t seen the teams play yet and you have no idea how their performance will be. So wait out a few matches, see how the teams play and then you can start betting.
  2. Concentrate on one league: Focusing on a single league creates a better understanding and chance of winning as you’ll have less trouble keeping up with the teams.
  3. Realise that teams change: A lot of people assume because a team plays well for two matches, they will keep playing well for the entire season. This is not true. A team has good times and bad times. Realizing that sticking to only team or a set of teams is dangerous increases your chances of winning. Place your bet with careful analysis as your base line, not personal sentiment.
  4. Always documents your wins and losses: Keeping records of your betting activities helps you stay in line with a strict betting lifestyle and keeps you in check. It also helps in your betting analysis.
  5. Never get cocky and over bet: Betting can be very interesting till you over bet and lose. When you over bet, you risk a higher chance of losing your money.
  6. Be Patient: A lot of people want to win fifty thousand from one bet and they end up frustrated when they don’t. Betting is just like every other business; it needs to grow. Start small and then gradually increase your bets.
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These are the steps to take on how to make big profits from 1960BET. Follow these steps and you are assured of making BIG profits! Happy Betting.


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