How To Make Your Teeth White Naturally And Fast: 7 Foods For White Teeth

Who does not dream of having a perfect, gleaming teeth like Hollywood stars? Of course you could give us any dentist white teeth we want; however, it would be very costly.

In addition, you put your health at risk, since many of these treatments are not approved by health organizations.

Therefore, more economical and safe alternative to get super white teeth is by eating certain foods.

7 Foods That Make Your Teeth White Naturally And Fast

# 1 Chocolate Sour

Believe it or not, the bitter chocolate helps keep your teeth whiter. Drinks such as wine and coffee, and acidic and sugary foods gradually weaken tooth enamel promoting the growth of bacteria and threatening the health of our teeth.

What bitter chocolate does is strengthen the enamel because it contains bromine, which prevents bacteria from sticking to teeth.

So now you have an excuse to eat chocolate , but remember it must be composed of at least 70% cocoa and brush your teeth after eating.

No. 2 Strawberries

Although dentists prevent us from drinks such as wine and fruit acid to protect teeth, strawberries are the exception to the rule. This fruit contains an enzyme that naturally whiten your teeth. This compound has astringent properties that remove surface discolouration of your teeth and in turn to be rich in vitamin C remove plaque and stains caused by coffee or soda.

However, experts recommend that we consume this natural bleach in moderation, they do not stop because having acidic properties that can damage the enamel. The best way to use it is squashing a strawberry and mixing it with baking powder into a paste, then repártela all your teeth with a brush and leave 5 minutes.

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When finished, wash your teeth and rinse with water.

No. 3 Cheese

To your surprise, cheese is one of the best foods to whiten your teeth . One study found that stimulates saliva production and lowers the level of acidity in the mouth to normal levels, since a very low level of acidity can discolor your teeth.

And has properties to whiten teeth, cheese also has the ability to strengthen thanks to its calcium and phosphorus and also prevent tooth decay .

No. 4 Nuts

Nuts are known for their many health benefits, as long as they are consumed in moderation. Nuts and pipes can help you lose weight, prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes and improve eyesight, among other advantages. And now you have other reason to eat them because they help keep your teeth whiter.

According to experts, thanks to its rough texture, chew these foods removes stains and plaque from the tooth surface. Moreover, being rich in calcium, magnesium and zinc help strengthen your teeth .

No. 5 Garlic and onion

Surely your first thought is that cause very bad breath. However, they also favor the whitening of your teeth thanks to its high content of sulfur compounds with antibacterial properties. These components in addition to protect your teeth, prevent the formation of plaque and reduce the risk of stains.

Raw consumption is recommended because if you cook lose much of their property. And if after consuming them , brush your teeth well bad breath will be no problem.

More information: The best and worst foods for teeth

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# 6 Blocks

It is likely that knew the famous phrase ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ ‘but did you know that you can also keep the dentist away? Thanks to its crunchy texture, apples act as a natural brush removes stains on your teeth. In turn, the nature of medium acidity and astringent qualities combined with fiber may whiten and sanitize your teeth.

You can eat apple as a snack between meals or just dessert. Be sure to brush your teeth well then to remove glucose and acid in your mouth.

# 7 Coconut oil

The oils are used in India as bleaches long ago. It is a method called ” oil slick ” that is supposed to clean your mouth and promotes dental health. It is believed that the oil removes plaque and counteracts acidity causing discoloration. Experts recommend specifically coconut oil because it is rich in lauric acid, and it contains antibacterial properties that kill bacteria in your mouth.

It also allows you to have very good breath and removes stains your teeth are formed. To use it you must put a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and gargle for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then brush your teeth.

If you were unaware the bleaching properties of all these foods, what are you waiting for start using them? You will notice changes immediately and insurance will cost less than half a treatment at the dentist.

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