How to send Text Messages (SMS) for free in Nigeria

Do you want to know how to send text messages (sma) for free in Nigeria?

So many Nigerians have mobile phones and they use it for many things like chatting and playing games. Some others are obsessed with whatsapp/BBM on their phone so you find them pinging every time.

Although this article is all about sending free SMS in Nigeria, I will also state that there is variety of free ways to send text messages.

SMS means short message service. It is not every time that you can receive a call. There are many reasons why a SMS may be preferred to making a call.

Many times, I send text messages because I am short for words to express myself. It happens all the time. You have just received a call and decided to answer the call. After the initial exchange of pleasantries, you notice that there is nothing more to say. I reasoned that this would be a perfect moment where a well-crafted message will make the most impact.

Sending free test messages/SMS in Nigeria is not a hard thing when you know how to go about it. The reason I said so is that there are many platforms that you can use to get you started.

When I talk about platforms, I am not referring to MTN, GLO or ETISALAT network. These Nigerian networks will never give you free sms. I have sent sms consistently at N4 on the MTN network

Although the charge on my network for this service has reduced to N2. The lowest I got at a time was one naira per sms but this was a rare occurrence.

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I know that the other networks also charge per SMS. So this article is not referring to the usual SMS charges.

Learn How to Send Text Messages (SMS) for Free in Nigeria

Let us see some good platforms that you can use.

Check out these websites cause in one way they allow us to send free SMS. Some SMS sending domains do not allow one to send text messages to numbers in Africa or Nigeria.

But this should not deter your quest. I believe that with a little research, you will find more platforms that allows Nigerians send free sms. Find list of sites that can allow you send free SMS below.


Some allow you to send it without any registration while others let you generate points before you can send SMS on its platform.

All in all it’s a good bargain and you can always send it again and again. Feel free to check out the websites and many more you may have access to. I believe that sending text message is a sure way of living good impression in people’s minds.

Feel free to lists other platforms where one can send free Test Messages by dropping a comment via the comment box below.

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