How To Start A Blogging Business In Nigeria

The advent of the Internet has resulted in everybody searching the Internet for information. The ease with which people can also access the Internet has it possible for a lot of individuals to visit the Internet regularly. A lot of companies take marketing for seriously as believe that the easiest way to attract customers is to inform them about your products and how to get it.

Furthermore, a lot of companies now offer sales of products and services directly to the Internet. This companies have thus, committed a lot of funds to Internet marketing which is possible for individuals with blogs to benefit from. With the right knowledge, hard work and commitment, anybody can start earning from the Internet through blogging.

How To Start Blogging In Nigeria

Starting a blog is very easy as there are a lot of websites that you could register with to start blogging. These websites include and amongst others. These websites already have beautiful and attractive predefined templates that you can just choose from. Posting on your blog on these websites are just as easy as posting on Facebook. All that is just required of you is to open a free account on this websites and start posting. You can also pay for a domain name and a website hosting service at a very cheap price.

Setting Up The Blogging Business In Nigeria

Setting up your blog as already explained earlier is very easy. The most difficult aspect of the blogging is what to post. It is advisable to get a niche for your blog or website. There are different niches you could select from. Some of them include technical, sports, ICT, phones and current affairs amongst others. All niches are profitable as a lot of people are looking for different information on all niches at every time.

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Two major things are however required of you as a blogger. You are to post search engine optimized articles so that your blog could be easily ranked on all major search engines. Secondly, you are expected to post unique articles as plagiarized articles do not rank highly on major search engines. It is therefore better you choose a niche that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. This would make it easy for you to write the articles yourself and you won’t have to worry about plagiarism. If you however lack the knowledge to write fresh articles, the other alternative is to look for articles online, rewrite them totally in your own words before posting.

On the issue of search engine optimization, you could try to assume what you would type on the search engine, if you were to look for information concerning a particular article. You should make such a sentence would feature in your article, if possible more than once, word for word. Your blog would rank higher on any search where another person searches for that exact phrase or sentence. You could also advertise your blog as well as post your articles on popular forums with a link back to your site.

Making Money From Your Blogging Business

Profiting from your blog would entail subscribing to affiliate programs or doing direct marketing. The most popular of such affiliate programs is Google AdSense. There are however a lot of other profitable affiliate marketing schemes that have been discussed here (link to the article on affiliate marketing). For direct marketing, you would have to talk to businesses around you to advertise on your website. You would however be able to proof to them that you have enough traffic of potential customers for their business.

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In conclusion, blogging is a very profitable business if you are committed and hardworking about it. You could start it for free or for a little amount. You could go for the free blogging and later migrate to a paid website. Blogging has made a lot of millionaires in Nigeria and is making more every day. It is however not going to be an easy ride as you are going to have to compete with many thousands of other bloggers in your niche. You must be consistent, dedicated and committed. You should also not be in a hurry to start making profit, as it might take time to generate enough traffic that would enable you to earn something tangible.

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