How To Start A Carpet / Rug Cleaning Service

A lot of homes uses rug and carpet to cover their floor as well as add to the beauty of the interior decorations of the house. Rugs and carpets however, need to be washed from time to time to ensure that they are clean and that they do not begin to produce a foul odour. Carpet and rug cleaners are thus, needed by a lot of families to aid in the cleaning of their rug and carpets.

How To Start A Carpet / Rug Cleaning Service

Starting a carpet / rug cleaning service requires a place where you can stay to wash the carpets and rugs. Fortunately, carpet and rug cleaning do not require a whole lot of space as what you just need is a location where there is a drainage for easy flow of water. It is also possible to start in the front of your house if it’s not too tight and the water from washing does not have to pass through your neighbour’s house.

You could start by washing carpets and rugs for families and friends while you continue to approach other people and appeal to your friends and families to approach their friends on your behalf. Access to water is very important in this business and you would also need soap.

Setting Up The Carpet / Rug Cleaning Service

Once you have a place you are using, you can easily bring a source of water close either through pipes, borehole, well, buying from water vendors, or going to fetch yourself depending on the size of your pocket. You should also try to advertise your products as well as handle your job diligently and professionally. You might have to put in place, strategic advertisement that would inform people about your services and your location.

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You could also start home service where you could go to a clients’ home and wash their rug or carpet at home. Alternatively, you might go the clients’ house, pick up his rug or carpet, go to your shop to clean it up and then deliver it after it has dried. Once you are doing a good job, you customers would be sure to tell their friends about your services. With time, you might have to employ one or two people to do the running around to get the carpets and rugs and assist with the cleaning. You would however need to be careful so as not to damage the rug or carpet of your customer.


Carpet and rug cleaning is a lucrative business which is profitable if you do it knowledgeable. You do not need a lot of tools to start. There are also a lot of homes who require the services of a carpet and rug cleaner. You should thus, look for means to reach the people around you on your services and endeavour to work professionally and deliver within the required time frame. You can also go from home to home and inform them and ask when you could come around to pick their rug or carpet for washing.

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