How To Start A Consulting Business on Overseas Study And Scholarship

Due to the lack of enough universities in Nigeria to cater for the quantity of students finishing from Nigerian secondary schools annually, a lot of people find it difficult to get admission within Nigeria. A lot of individuals spend over 5 years looking for admission without any success. This has made a lot of Nigerians to want to go out of the country to study even when they can’t really afford it. They therefore also look for information on scholarships so as to reduce the amount they would need to pursue their education abroad. The quest to study abroad is further worsened by the general feelings that graduates from universities abroad are more favoured than graduates from Nigerian university when they both apply for a particular job. The quest for information by this group of people who want to go abroad for studies and do not know how to go about it makes consultant on overseas study and scholarship a very lucrative business.

How To Start The Consultant On Overseas Study And Scholarship Business

To start the consultant on overseas study and scholarship business, you will need a nice office in a good location. It is better that the office is well furnished as it will convince people of how genuine your office is compared to when it is tattered or poorly furnished. There is the tendency for prospective customers to believe that you have to be wealthy to be able to talk about successfully facilitating a person’s journey abroad for educational services. There is also the need for you to have a lot of information about what it takes to study in most universities abroad for different countries.

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You should know the school fees of each universities, accommodations, which universities have the ability to source for part time jobs that a student could do while studying at the student’s request and other expenses the person would need to cover. There is also the need to get brochures of such school, some of which can be downloaded on the Internet. You should know what courses the universities offer and their requirements. You should also know the universities with scholarship plans and how to benefit from it.

Setting Up The Consultant On Overseas Study And Scholarship Business

Once you get a well furnished place, the necessary information and you are ready to start your consultancy on overseas study and scholarship business, you can start by massive advertising. Your targets are mostly secondary school students in their final year (SSS 3). You could thus place posters close to secondary schools and print flyers you could share to them to give to their parents. You could also carry out seminars in secondary school by taking permission from the secondary school and using one of their hall or organizing a free seminar in your office if its spacious enough or a hall from a hotel. You can disseminate the basic information in this seminar while you make them hungry for more information which can be gotten at your desk for a fee. You would be surprised at the number of people that would be visiting you on a daily basis to inquire how they can go to abroad to study and the profit you would be making every month especially between June and August which is when most secondary school students graduate.

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You can earn a fortune from being a consultant on overseas study and scholarship due to the difficulty in getting admission in Nigeria as well as the favoritism of foreign university graduates amongst Nigerian employers. Your targets would be secondary school students in their final year and you can easily reach out to them through the school or during closing hour.

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