How to Start a Poultry Farming Business in Nigeria

Poultry BusinessNigeria is a blessed country as our market is still untapped. Poultry farming business in Nigeria is a very profitable business which anyone could start with minimal amount. Although I must say here that it has proven to be tricky. Looking at this business from the surface level it seems easy. You need to check again… If poultry business is so easy to begin, then how come many people lose in a business like this?

There are secrets to everything. One of the things you truly need to be successful is information about any business you really want to get into. Information is the key.  Now let’s see some helpful things we need to know and do as part of the steps to take.

  • Start by Having a Good Business Plan

Do not say that you cannot plan a business. There is a reason for this, we have written a post about how to write a business plan and I believe that you truly want to be successful. There are many things that a business plan will take into consideration.

  • You need to decide whether  you want layers or broilers. How do you determine which is better for you. Both of them has its advantages and disadvantages. I suggest you seek a farm where they are reared and have a chat with the workers on this. Do not rush to begin rearing chicken. This is your first and most important step.

Do you want to focus on the selling of eggs or the selling of chicken meat. If you want the sale of eggs then you probably will need a layer and when you want selling of chicken for its meat then you need a broiler.

  • The third aspect is when you truly desire to produce smaller chicks for sale. This means that you need to hatch the eggs you have collected.
  • You need to know the amount you have to spend. I know we do not have all they money. Therefore, as part of your trip to the farm, find out how much it will cost to buy certain materials and this is also where your business plan would help you out.
  • Building Your  Poultry Farm
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You may decide to build your cage yourself or buy a ready made cage for your chickens. You must understand that the prices vary a lot.

Poultry Business Profitability:

So how profitable is this business?

  1. The rate at which the chickens reproduce is quite fast. You may have many chicks within a short amount of time.
  2. You will notice that they usually grow very fast unlike other animals that take a period of 3 years to fully grow. Your chickens may grow with three to five months depending on a whole number of factors.
  3. You will likely sell them at a cost effective price. The market has its own price so therefore, there is no discrimination against aspiring poultry business owners.
  4. There are a lot of profits to be made in selling poultry eggs. I have visited a farm owned by a state governor and I noticed that they do layers there. The sole purpose of what they are producing is for egg selling. I may not be able to quote their turnover but it seems to be huge.

Be diligent when you want to begin a Poultry Business in Nigeria. What are other concerns you may have? Share them here by using the comment box below.

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