How To Start A Pure Water Business In Nigeria

Pure water business in NigeriaStarting a pure water business in Nigeria is a very delicate and a lucrative business for smart investors. In order for you to begin this business, you need to take a lot of factors into consideration. You can’t by pass these basic requirement need for startup of sachet or bottled water business in Nigeria.

Water is the element that all life uses. It is very basic as a need as every day we drink water. The potential customers and demand are quite huge. Let’s quickly take you through what is required to begin and run this business.

How To Start A Pure Water Business In Nigeria

  1. Have a good site.
  2. A registered business name. your pure water business needs a name and you should select a good name
  3. Pay to get a good company sink a borehole for you.
  4. You will have to get tanks which will be used to put lots and large quantity of water.
  5. Resolve any issue with that has to do with your registration with NAFDAC
  6. A nice sealing and workable sealing machine that can seal things automatically. This will help seal your pure water fast.
  7. I may not have all the knowledge about nylon but get a good one from polythene companies
  8. A good and nice name on the material with your logo on it.
  9. You need to think of how many workers you need for your business workers for your business.
  10. You need a good truck and a nice cleaner
  11. A wonderful and reliable source of electricity. You may buy a generator that would be ideal for this kind of business’s venture

Pure Water Business Start-up Requirements

Cost and prices which may be involved

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The laborers pay: There are no fixed rules as to how much you will pay them but since you are just starting out, I advise you start small then you may increase it with time.

The person who will operate the machine: N10,000 monthly

Your vehicle driver-: N1,000 per loading

Vehicle support hands for distribution (2) : N1000 per loading

Someone who will be responsible to pack the water = N1,000 per packing

The Cleaner of the environment and factory (1): N8,000 per month

The trucks you require could cost you up to a million naira or more depending on a number of things. I will encourage you to acquire a good truck since it’s a key part of this business. You do not want something that will break down every time.

You will require a generator that will be durable for your nature of business. Visit any pure water factory to ask for the specifications before you go to the market to buy.

Pure Water Business Sales

One automatic sealing machine and one delivering van at 100% utilization will produce 40 sachets of pure water per minute which is equivalent to 120 bags in one hour.

You may sell some couple hundreds of bags per day but bear in mind that when you are just starting out, you need to assess the market and create business first.

If you do a good marketing, you may sell

100 bags per day at N80 per bag = N 8000 per day.

For 24 days in a month, this should be =N 192,000

Then multiply this number by  twelve months and we have = 2.3Million

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So as you see, this is a business that depends on the volume of sales you can make a day, so it is a very lucrative business. The pure water business in Nigeria is a business with risk as there are daily cost of diesel for your generator.


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    1. Sir/ma, I really appreciate what you are doing here, thanks a lot. Please I will like to know the prices of all that is required to start a pure water business and I will be grateful if my request is considered. Richard.

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