How To Start Affiliate Marketing Business in Nigeria

Affiliate Marketing Business in NigeriaAffiliate marketing is a means through which you can easily make money in Nigeria. Affiliate marketing entails helping businesses to make sales through the Internet by marketing their products. Affiliate marketing is thus the online version of normal physical marketing.

Initially, it was difficult doing affiliate marketing in Nigeria due to the fact that there were few online shops in Nigeria. Furthermore, most other foreign affiliate marketing programs discriminated against Nigeria. For the few that accepted Nigerians, the mode of payment was also an issue as Paypal and other popular payment methods did not accept Nigerians.

With the introduction of many online shopping websites such as Jumia, Konga and DealDey into Nigeria, it is now possible to do affiliate marketing for Nigerian websites. Furthermore, payoneer has also made it easy to get paid for affiliate jobs for foreign websites. Paypal has also started allowing Nigerians send money through its service. It is hoped that very soon, they will allow Nigerians to also be able to receive payment.

For now, however payoneer remains the best option for online payments when it comes to foreign partners.

Making Money Through Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

You could either choose to affiliate with local or foreign companies. The deals basically include referring customers to their website while others entails that you must make sales before you get commission based on sales. There are a lot of foreign and local companies for which you can join their affiliate programs for and generate income. This article would however concentrate of the most common, tested and trusted.

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Some of the major foreign companies you can make money from their affiliate programs include Amazon, Markethealth, Commission junction and Shareasale.

In Nigeria, you could affiliate market for Jumia, Konga, dealdey and Kaymu.

Setting up an Affiliate Marketing Business in Nigeria

For international affiliate programs, you would have to first of all open a US bank account with Payoneer. After opening the account, you then request for a MasterCard which would be sent to you within a month after opening. The account can then be used to receive funds from international company and websites, which you can then withdraw in Nigeria with your MasterCard. It is also possible to affiliate for Payoneer as you get 25 dollars for each person you refer after he/she receives payment worth 100 dollars on the account. You can open a Payoneer account through this link.

Amazon is global brand and well known around the world. The fact that they are trusted makes it easy for you to make sales and profit through their affiliate programs. They however pay you only 4 per cent of the total amount you sell. While the commission is small, they have products worth 100’s and 1000’s of dollars you can easily market and profit from. They however pay you 3 months after you earn the money. This implies that your commission for January sales would be payable in April. Their minimum payout is $10 direct deposit into Payoneer or via $100 for check. You can join amazon affiliate program through this link.

Markethealth allows you to profit up to $50 on most of their products. You can also withdraw your earnings through Payoneer every 2 weeks. You can join market health affiliate program through this link.

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CJ Affiliate formerly known as Commission junction is another affiliate marketing you can use to promote healthcare, travel, insurance and tourism amongst others. Their commission ranges from 3 per cent to 40 per cent. You can join CJ Affiliate through this link.

ShareASale is also similar to CJ Affiliate. They pay through check of direct deposit which you can get with payoneer on the 20th of every month. You can join ShareASale affiliate through this link.

For Nigerian affiliate programs, you can market products for online stores in Nigeria. Jumia allows you to make up to 11 per cent commission on every sale you make. You can join Jumia affiliate program through this link.

Konga offers up to 9 per cent commission. You can join Konga affiliate through this link.

On dealdey, you make a commission of N500 per sale while you also get percentage commission depending on the products. Kaymu also allows you to make 5 per cent commission on every sale you make.


Affiliate business generally has to do with marketing products for these websites mentioned above by encouraging customers to buy products through your link. The easiest way to market the link would be through having a blog or a website. You can then display their banner or create custom banners and put your affiliate link on it.

Once a sale is made through your link, you would earn a commission which can easily be tracked on your affiliate website portal/dashboard.

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  1. Can I use one website for more than one affiliate programs, for example one website for jumia, amazon & konga?

  2. Yes, commissions for the Amazon Affiliate programme are low, when compared to other products, but it does add up. And I talk from experience. You just need 3 vital skills to succeed with the programme. And they are: writing reviews, creating simple websites and driving traffic. I just hope more Nigerians would get into it.

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