How To Start And Set Up A Very Profitable Cement Block Moulding Business In Nigeria

They say necessity is the mother of all innovations, no time is too early nor too late to begin, there are tons of young and old entrepreneurs who are making waves in the industry that probably started out of nothing. An example is the CEO of Black House Media (BHM), who started in a one-room apartment with a single laptop, which he purchased from the home of computer accessories popularly known as computer village Ikeja, Lagos; today he is a multi millionaire. He talks about being hardworking and consistent in whatever you do and with grace, it will surely pay off someday.

Most of us would probably have the mindset that he must have graduated with a second class upper or probably first class graduate, Capital NO, the young millionaire is a failed trained micro biologist with a 3rd class from the University of Ibadan but a guru in the field of Digital and traditional PR, quite contrasting isn’t it? You can be whatever you want to become, develop that mind-set and success is your.

Now to the nitty-gritty, Cement block Industry in Nigeria is a quiet booming industry, many have attributed it to the uneducated and termed it a menial job for the peasants, therefore it becomes demeaning for them to go into such business, which i term as a very grievous misconception. What people fail to know is that most dirty businesses fetch a whole lot of money because there is lesser competition in them due to their nature (dirty) so people tend to shy away from them and one of them is the cement block manufacturing industry.

On this post on how to start a cement block making industry, knowing the cost of materials is imperative, as this would help you in maximizing profit and minimising losses. Talking about kicking off with your own concrete block industry here in Nigeria is quite an easy process.

Nigeria is termed globally as one of the fastest developing economy in the world and the fastest growing economy in West Africa, therefore he increasing need to build new residential houses, offices, churches, mosques, shop, schools, slabs along the road for drainages to cater for the common needs of the average Nigerian cannot be overemphasized and therefore has these has made the block moulding business in Nigeria a quite lucrative. I can tell you authoritatively that one bag of cement will give you 25 pieces of 9inches solid blocks which costs between 120 to 150Naira and 30 pieces of  6inches solid blocks which costs 110 to 130Naira so with 20 bags of cement would yield roughly 600 blocks cements. It is actually a money spinning business if you get to learn the strategies of the business.


Requirements On How To Start A Cement Block Industry In Nigeria

Secure A Space For Your Concrete Block Industry
You can do this by getting people paid to clear a certain space you feel viable and you have to make sure it is close to developing building sites in order to be close to potential clients. You need to verify before encroaching on vacant land. What people usually do is to get in touch with the owner of the intended space and negotiate, usually you will be compelled to pay a sum in form of rent It also demands you have a large space not only for production and drying your blocks but also for storing cements. You will need a shed where you will have your equipment’s; it should be with a roof over it without a wall.

Equipment Needed For Starting A Cement Block Moulding Industry In Nigeria.

Below are the machines and equipment’s needed

  1. Cement Block Carrier: (Needed for proper cement, sand and water mixture)
  2. Vibrating Block moulding Machine (moulds cement faster)
  3. Shovels
  4. Head pans
  5. Supply truck to deliver blocks to customers in building sites.
  6. Supply Power Generator, diesel generator is ideal for you block making process

Materials Needed For Concrete Block Industry In Nigeria

Water supply: This is one of the most important materials needed in blocking making process, without water you can’t make blocks. Therefore to succeed in your cement block industry you need constant water.

Cement: Get sources of cheap supply of cement, cement is number one this business, you will also need a place to store your cements it must be dry and well covered to avoid rain and sun, and not all types of cement are good for commercial block production, you need the type that dries quickly such as Elephant Cements.

Moulding Sand: There are different types of sands, we have plastering sand and moulding sand. Get places where you, find out places where you can get cheap sand, sand is also very important in this business, the kind of sand needed for this business is known as sharp sand.

Hire Capable Hands
To run your block business effectively and efficiently, you need capable hands (blocking moulding machine operator) with experience in this business. This is the only way you can curb waste and maximize profit.

This is a business that should not be overlooked as a lot is still left untapped in this industry.

See you at the top!!!

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