How To Bread Distribution & Supply Business In Nigeria

The word Bread is on the lips of everyone in the world, and one of the most said words till date. It is used to describe foods of various types food, back in the days even before the coming of Christ, it has always been used to describe daily food of any kind but in this case, we will be venturing into the original food itself called bread which is made from dough of flour and water then baked in the oven and talk about how to make commercializing it by teaching you how to start bread distribution business and make huge profits from it. In one of my posts, I wrote on the secret of making money in Nigeria, there you would also get an idea of how to easily make money genuinely.
History has proven that it is the most popular food and one of the oldest artificial foods on earth till date. Statistics has proven that the average Nigerian family conservatively consumes bread at least once a day and it can be eaten in various forms with different spices. Though the most popular combination is bread and tea.
Without wasting much of our time as time is of essence, let us talk about the topic of discussion.
About how to get started, it is mandatory you have basic knowledge the business of bread distribution and supply and how you can make good profit from it, but if the reverse is the case here, you still are on the right track.

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How To Bread Distribution & Supply Business In Nigeria

1. Initial Capital

Initial capital is the amount invested into the business, this is the cash needed to get started though should not be a stumbling block, and you can be sure of a good ROI (Returns On Investments) Return on investment simply means the earnings or say profit made from the capital used in starting up the business. The initial capital is dependent on your financial firepower.

2. Associate With A Bread Brand

This is another important phase in starting up a bread distribution and supply business, you have to identify with a brand not too far from your business unit in order to cut down transportation expenses that would end up eating up a chunk of your start up capital, also, having a good knowledge of the brand is very important so you can always have the tools (information) needed to defend your product.

3. Location

Do a proper survey like I said earlier, scan the area, select your target market, do not be ashamed to ask questions, there is dignity in labour and for you to attain success pride must be thrown away as said in the discussion on secret of making money in Nigeria and see what types of sliced bread that on sale. That will help you to avoid encroaching on another supplier’s territory, a supplier who is already supplying a particular bread brand in an area may prevent you from supplying the same brand he or she supply.

4. Proceed to the Bakery

Personally go to the bakery to negotiate the franchise, the bakery manager will be more than happy to welcome you because, you are bringing new business to them and helping them open a new frontier. When I was in the business, we used to get the sliced bread for N100, sell to the retailers at N150 while they in turn sell N200.The manager or whoever is in charge of the bakery will be able to explain what is obtainable now.
Aside price, you should negotiate logistics as well, like bringing the bread down to your designated offload point, which is the norm, but they will try to withhold it from you if you don’t know.
NB(Nota bene): some well-known brands (UTC, Value, Butterfield, etc) may not agree to transport it down for you except you’re buying in super quantity.

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5. Get the Retailers

Having armed yourself with the exact product you want to supply, the next thing is to find the retailers. Talk to provision shop owners and bus stop bread women, these two set of people are your biggest prospect as far as sliced bread is concerned.
Each person you talked to that accepted to get your supply, find out how many loaves of sliced bread he will be getting. At the end of the marketing, calculate the estimated number of loaves these people demanded for and base your buy on this.

6. Get Supply Equipment

Acquire a Motor-bike (a minimum of C200 grade of motorbike of any make which sells for between 150,000 to 180,000 naira) that will make your supply so easy and help you reduce overhead costs or better put, transportation cost. But if you can’t afford that, simply hire an Okada man to take you round your supply points or offload points.
Find your offload point, it can be your home or a shop – go for shop if you can afford it (N100,000 depending on the area) but if you can’t afford that too, use your home until you raise enough money.
Immediately you have these things in place, request the Bakery supply you bread and start your Bread distribution and supply business. With hard work and determination, you can supply over 1500 loaves in a week pending on your location and market reach and you will be amazed at the tremendous growth you will achieve.

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Good luck and see you at the Top!

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