How To Transfer Money Using ATMs In Nigeria

Gone are the days of endless queues in the banking hall, standing for hours on end and sometimes even having to deal with rude tellers at the counter. Thank God for technology, things are much easy now as one can easily transfer money via ATM. These days, some ATMs even have an option of depositing cash. See simple steps below.

Steps On How To Transfer Money Using ATM

STEP 1: Go to any ATM collection point with your valid DEBIT CARD

STEP 2: Slot in your valid DEBIT CARD and type in your correct pin

STEP 3: Progress to the interface where you have WITHDRAWAL, BALANCE, TRANSFER and press the TRANSFER or SEND MONEY key as this depends on the ATM.
STEP 3: After pressing the transfer or send money key, you will be prompted the destination bank, press the button and you will be asked if it’s a savings or current account you are transferring from, after pressing this button you will be requested to add the account details of the recipient(receiver).

STEP 4: Type in the amount and press the send button and you will get a confirmation message on the screen.

Please note that there could be inter bank charges, therefore you are advised to make enquiries before embarking on this.

*Clears throat* That’s all.

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