How to Watch DSTV Channels for Free in Nigeria

Do you watch local Nigerian stations like Nigerian television authority (NTA) and Africa independent television (AIT)? I know you would love to keep your eyes gazed on them in the satellite television in Nigeria. The world today has gone global. Now you can watch more than 350 television channels on DSTV and MYTV channels at home.

This article is all about how you can watch DSTV channels for free at home in Nigeria. a lot of people believe that you need to do some sort of hacks before you are allowed access to watch DSTV stations. Well they are not far from the truth.

I was traveling to another state in Nigeria one day and decided to stop by and find out how much a television decoder cost. On getting to the shop, I discovered that there were cheap decoders and expensive ones. It was at this shop I met another friend of mine who told me that he has never has to subscribe for DSTV channels as he watches them free in Nigeria.

I was like do you really mean what you are saying and he answered in the affirmative. Let me state clearly here that there are some basic requirements you would need to watch satellite TV for free.

How to Watch DSTV Channels for Free in Nigeria

  1. You need a good decoder.

A decoder is a small box machine (in my own opinion) that helps to transcribe signals that it receives to detectable waves that can be used by your television and radio. It may receive high frequency waves and step them down to low ones.

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2. You need a strong dish – a dish is that wide rounded pan and I believe you must have seen it. This rounded pan that we hang on the top or roof of the house. There are various sizes of them and different types

3. At the center of this pan is a small knob like thing called the LNB. I must confess today that I may not know the full meaning of LNB. I have been there when it is installed so I can tell you that we have different types. There is an LNB that can carry one dish and another one that goes with two dishes.

4. Next on the list is your television cable. This should be long enough to go around the total area you intend to cover during installation.

5. You need someone that will set it for you.

You see, watching free DSTV at home does not come cheap. I have visited a couple of friends and discovered that they watch quite a number of stations for free. I may not know all the installation process but something that is always common is that they do configure it with some sort of code.

When you input those codes and password, then you can watch them for free.

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