How To Win Nairabet VFL (Virtual Football League): Strategies And Tricks


The Nairabet virtual football league is a great way to earn extra money. The league has sixteen (16) teams and they all have peculiar abilities. Below are some tricks on how to win nairabet VFL and the teams in the league in no particular order:

  1. Madrid: Madrid scores a lot of goals and they play very well at home. They usually top the table or at least can be regularly found in the top four (4)
  2. London: London scores a lot of goals as well and they almost always finish in the top four (4) .
  3. Amsterdam: Amsterdam is a very efficient team and can be relied on to do the job. They also score a reasonable amount of goals. However they are on and off at times and should be watched closely.
  4. Berlin: A top team that proves hard to beat. Their performance is not too constant in terms of winning but during some seasons, they can end games in the first half.
  5. Rome: Rome is a good goal scoring team especially against teams like Madrid and Paris. Their performance fluctuates in the league as sometimes they finish around 8th and other time they might just win the league.
  6. Oslo: Oslo has similar characteristics to Rome but careful analysis has shown that they are the stronger team.
  7. Paris: Paris is one of the toughest teams in the league especially when matched against Madrid. They are a very good team to bet on.
  8. Lisbon: Lisbon is one of the most unpredictable teams in the league. Some seasons they win the league and other seasons they finish bottom of the table. They don’t score too many goals but they hardly concede too. They are a good team to bet on at home.
  9. Zagreb: This team has a proclivity to draw. If you’re looking to bet on a draw first half, this is your team.
  10. Copenhagen: Zagrabs twin. This team is the exact replica of Zagreb.
  11. Stockholm: This team scores a lot of goals but also concedes a lot. Betting on goals with this team produces low odds.
  12. Vienna: Vienna always starts the season strong and they can hold their own at home against most teams.
  13. Edinburg: They hardly win games but they can hold top teams for a draw or a reasonable loss.
  14. Athens: This team hardly wins and lingers at the bottom of the table.
  15. Bern: Same as Athens
  16. Ankara: Same as Athens.
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Betting according to the information above is a sure way on how to win nairabet virtual football league, i do not guarantee you a 100% assurance but i wish you the best of luck…

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