International Oil Companies In Nigeria And Their Years of Establishments

Nigeria, widely referred to as the Giant of Africa with a population of over 170 million people, and current GDP of 521.8billion USD. Talking about the emergence of crude oil in Nigeria dates back to Sunday 15 January 1956 in Oloibiri(Otuabagi/Otuogadi) district by Shell Darcy, now Shell Petroleum Company, a historic town to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

Which automatically makes Shell Petroleum Company the first International oil company in Nigeria. From thence, began the influx of other international companies in Nigeria which brings us to putting up this post.

Currently, there are 17 international oil companies in Nigeria. Some of them are new entrants who have an interest in the deep offshore blocks in partnership with other operators.

See the Lists of International Oil companies In Nigeria and Their Years of Establishments.

1.Shell Petroleum Development Company Ltd (1937)
2.Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited (1955)
3.Chevron Nigeria Ltd (1961)
4.Texaco Overseas Nig. Petroleum Co. Unltd (1961)
5.Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited (1962)
6.Philip (1964); Pan Ocean Oil Corporation (1972)
7.Bought over Ashland Oil Nigeria Limited (1973)
8.Agip Energy & Natural Resources (1979)
9.Statoil/BP Alliance (1992)
10.Esso Exploration & Production Nig. Ltd. (1992)
11.Texaco Outer Shelf Nigeria Limited (1992)
12.Shell Nig. Exploration & Production Co. (1992)
13.Total (Nig.) Exploration & Prod. Co. Ltd. (1992)
14.Amoco Corporation (1992)
15.Chevron Exploration & Production Co. (1992)

16..Conoco Oil (1992)
17Abacan (1992)


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