James Bond’s Spectre: A Hit or A Flop?

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig

After all the hypes and buzz around James Bond’s movie Spectre, in my opinion, it has failed to live up to its expectations. Knowing that it is practically the end of Daniel Craig’s Bond movie, I expected a massive hit that would linger in the minds of people but unfortunately, I guess you know what follows.

For anyone familiar with the old 007 movies way back in the 90s, the mention of Spectre, an organisation we got to know about during the days of Sean Connery, is enough fascination. Spectre, the organisation behind all the works of James Bond and the MI5 since Casino Royale. As such, it’s only normal to expect the plot to really lead to a crescendo, being the sequel to end all sequels, especially with the heights Skyfall reached in rescuing Quantum of Solace. Just one problem though: it didn’t really feel like one. Occasionally, sequels mustn’t be totally connected to their previous movies and that’s all right. But when you link four movies together as a result of the occurrences in one leading to the other, you better do a damn good job of it – like the Jason Bourne series. Unfortunately, like Quantum of Solace after Casino Royale, it didn’t quite fit in all together. After it all, you get the feeling that it should perhaps have been something different entirely – something totally unrelated….

Talking about the buzz and publicity around the movie, Heineken had to sponsor some selected Nigerian celebrities (RMD,UTI, KEMI ADETIBA, and BASKET MOUTH) to the U.S to take a “first ever selfie” from space, cinemas had tickets sold out, not forgetting the overcrowded hall ways borne out of the anticipation of the premiering of the movie SPECTRE. At the end of the movie, we were still seated awaiting the real action until it was donned on us that the movie was over? I had to look at my ticket again just to be double sure it was James Bond’s movie Spectre…

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