KCee’s Net Worth, Cars, Houses And Endorsement Deals

kcee's house, net worth and biographyWatching a video of the E-money crew spending money like they just don’t care prompted me to go into research about the them, though in this post, my search light is to focus on KCee’s total net worth. Judging from the way and manner these young moguls spend cash you can’t just help but wonder if it was really worked for. These celebrities are living the life many of us would daydream, talking about their European tours; endorsement deals with major Telcos (Telecommunication companies), political appointments and Giant Beverage companies (Magnum), live performances and so on.

Here we will be focusing on Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, the dude is a Nigerian singer and songwriter and self acclaimed entertainer, he hails from the eastern part of Nigeria. Uli, Anambra state, born 18 April 1979, he is better known by his stage name KCee (sometimes stylised as KCee) He is a defunct member of a Hip Hop duo group known as KC Presh (Kingsley and Precious) He currently has a record deal with Five Star Music. He started working with Del B, a record producer known for producing hit songs in the Nigerian music industry.

Lets not be quick to forget that KCee was a street hustler before hitting fame, he once lived in the ghetto part of Lagos popularly know as Ajegunle he has practically hawked on the street of Lagos before. The point is nobody sees the hustle, they only see the payoffs.

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His Road To Stardom

KCee and his long-time business partner and friend Precious better known as Presh which is still currently his stage name, made an impact in the entertainment industry as a duo for over a decade, they worked together as music partners which gave theM both a few recognition until 2011 when they called for a split both chasing their solo careers on their own not together anymore. They met him in a church choir and they were running the choir together, after which they both entered for the Star Quest TV reality show together and won the show, that was the beginning of their road to fame.


They went solo and KCee made it big in the industry with the release of a single in mid 2012 popularly known as Limpopo. This single ruled the airwaves, and was sung and danced by all classes, since the release of Limpopo, the Five Star music crew has not taken off his foot from the pedal.


Talking about KCee’s net worth, we had to put together all his current endorsement deals, his state of the art mansion, fleets of exotic cars, and businesses aside his music career, he is also widely regarded as one of the richest Nigerian musicians.

KCee has fleets of exotic cars,

  • A customized gold plated Cadillac Escalade worth over 25million naira using 347 Naira to a Dollar exchange rate.
  • A red Mercedes G5S AMG worth over 35million naira
  • White BMW 7 Series
  • Range Rover Sports Utility Vehicle worth 28million and 25million naira respectively, these are just a few of the numerous cars owned by the Five Star Music Boss.

The Limpopo crooner also signed the following endorsement deals as seen below

  1. He signed a deal with Telecommunication giant MTN Nigeria worth several millions of naira
  2. He also signed an endorsement deal with Peace Airline with comes with some extra benefits being their front liner. LOL!! Who knows,!! He might be flying with Peace Air for free, you just never can tell.
  3. KCee was appointed as Peace Ambassador of the Federal republic of Nigeria by wife (Patience Jonathan) of Ex President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
  4. Magnum in 2015 he Kcee signed another endorsement deal with soft Liquor Company known as Magnum.
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Kcee is currently worth over 900million Naira, which is close to the 1billion naira mark.

Kudos to the young man, this simply shows that hard work pays, just keep the hustle on.


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