List of International Scholarship Opportunities for African Students

The very first thing I will really want to do is to clear the misconception many have as regards scholarships. Scholarships aren’t necessarily for people seeking financial assistance. Scholarships centers around education; and with the cost of achieving the best form of education, financial aid isn’t a bad idea. What I mean is – No help is ‘too much’ help. Hence, there isn’t and shouldn’t be any form side-eye directed at students studying in campuses on scholarships.

Scholarships have ever since, allowed students attain levels of education that are generally or feasibly beyond their reach, and also allowed brilliant students enhance their creativity in their field in some of the best learning environments. In this post, we would briefly be mentioning international scholarship opportunities for African students. As a matter of fact, scholarship opportunities are educational incentives every student must be on the lookout for.

The simple reason is because there are quite a number of these scholarship opportunities that fly by since we weren’t on the lookout for them in the first place.

By definition: A scholarship is simply an award (not a grant) of financial assistance for students to further their studies. It is a noteworthy point to understand that scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria. This criteria is usually in accordance with the purposes or values of the founder/sponsor/donor of the scholarship (for instance: Shell Annual scholarships are strictly meant for students studying engineering and nothing else. That is the purpose/value of Shell as an engineering based firm).

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Scholarships also aren’t grants and the money is not in any way expected to be repaid (at least not in cash (although in some cases, the student may be required to work with the firm/donor after successful completion of the academic period). Scholarships are a big part of college financial aid in various countries all around the world. Apologies for the long intro; that just needed to be clarified so people fully understand the meaning and purpose of educational scholarships. With that said, let’s quickly check on the scholarship opportunities that are available to you as an African student.

Different Categories of International Scholarship Opportunities for African Students

Scholarship to Study Anywhere In The World

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship Programme

Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships

International scholarships for African students from developing countries (including African nations) to gain funding for university at home and abroad.

Borlaug LEAP Fellowship Program

Agriculture related masters or PHD scholarships for USAID-assisted countries for African students.

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

International scholarship within Commonwealth countries for African students to study a master’s degree from selected universities in the UK and worldwide by distance learning.

The Beit Trust Scholarships

International master’s degree and PhD scholarshipsfor African students from Malawi, Zambia or Zimbabwe to study in the UK, Ireland or South Africa at a leading university.

Africa London Nagasaki (ALN) Fund

This is for African scientists to get financial assistance in obtaining a master’s degree in an area related to health and disease control in Africa. Winners of this scholarship can choose to study in the Nagasaki University in Japan or London’s Institute of Tropical Medicine, the London School of the Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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Scholarship to Study in Belgium

VLIR-UOS Awards Scholarships

Graduate scholarship to study in Belgium, for students in Africa to study in Belgium on a development-related master’s degree or training program.


Scholarship to study in Netherlands

Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP)

Scholarship for African students to study in the Netherlands for a master’s degree and PhD.


Scholarship to Study in Germany

DRD-DAAD Merit Scholarships

Scholarship for African students from Sub-Saharan African countries to study a development-related master’s or PhD program in Germany.


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