List of Top 10 Affordable Tourist Attractions And Vacation Destinations In Nigeria

top 10 tourist attractions in NigeriaAs I write this piece on this glamorous rainy day I begin to wonder what it looks like in the major tourist attractions in Nigeria. The strong winds jousting the palm trees back and forth, the window shutters slamming shut and open, the smell of the rain! Nigeria boasts of many tourist locations from the scenic view atop the olumo rock, to the wildlife at yankari game reserve and even the inception of history in the Oba’s palace in Benin city. However, the tourism industry suffers greatly due to insecurity, bad road networks and epileptic power supply. This does not dispute the fact that we have been truly blessed by nature in this country. Check out some of the tourist attractions we have in Nigeria.

List of Top 10 Affordable Tourist Attractions And Vacation Destinations In Nigeria

1. Yankari National Park (Bauchi State)

Formerly a game reserve, this wildlife centre located in Bauchi state is a home to about 50 species of mammals and over 350 species of birds. The game reserve is 2,244km square in size Yankari National Park and houses natural warm water springs

2. The Royal Palace Of the Oba Of Benin

The history of the Benin Kingdom can never be ruled out when talking about the history of Nigeria. The Oba also known as the Omo N’Oba N’Edo is the chief custodian of the Benin culture. His royal palace has been listed as a UNESCO heritage site. It holds a huge collection of sculptural pieces of a lot of Benin Obas in bronze, ancestral shrines and ivory. The materials used in Benin’s royal arts are primarily brass, ivory, and coral which are said to be endowed with sacred power. The royal house of Benin became famous in Africa and the world after the Punitive Expedition in the 19th century, although Benin art has been in existence since the 13th century. The palace houses a zoo, the living quarters of the Oba’s as well numerous shrines and deities.


3. Ikogosi Warm Springs

This tourist attraction is located at Ikogosi town in Ekiti State. It is called a warm spring because there are two springs (hot and cold) which meet at at confluence to formally the warm spring. Studies show that the warm spring has a temperature of about 70oC at the source and 37oC at the confluence.

4. The Ancient Nok Settlement

Nok culture was discovered by archaeologists in 1929. It provides evidence of the earliest ancient from of civilization in Nigeria.This little archaeologists’ haven is located in Jaba Local government, Kaduna state. Terracotta figurines were discovered in the process of the archaeological excavations.

5. Awhum Waterfall

Located in Enugu state, Awhum Waterfall is over 30 meters high. The adventurers, the inquisitive and religious go there for different purposes. Folklore has it that the fall which is closely located to a monastery is said to be curative and capable of warding off evil spirits whenever sprinkled.

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