MMM Nigeria: How To Login, Register And All You Need To Know

Mavrodi Mondial Movement, just as the last part of the name states “Movement” is actually a cycle or group of people mainly know in the MMM terms as “Participants” come together to help each other to make money.

The era of looking for a job has passed or if you already have a job and you want extra income, MMM is just what is right for you.

This article is going to be a clear understanding of how MMM works and how we can make money via MMM.

What is MMM?

MMM is not an MLM business, its not a HYIP, a company,  an investment, or financial institution.

MMM is a social financial mutual network, where people provide money (help) directly to each other in automatic private offices via internet with growing help index called Mavro.

The power/reward of giving lets you receive 30% growth rate monthly on the amount you donated to a participant in the community.

MMM is 5 years plus globally and has over 240 million participants in 118 countries.

So basically this makes us the largest financial donation exchange in the world

How does it work?

So let’s say for instance you provide help of 100k today, at the end of the month you are entitled to earn your 100k + your 30% which makes it = 130 thousand naira collectible at the end of the month (within 30days)

The *IDEOLOGY* behind MMM is to make the exchange of money fairer between people and also to create a world of financial freedom where people can assist themselves to carry out projects or meet their needs without having to rely on financial institutions who in turn demand immongus interests

Hard break down

Month 1,
#(10,000+3000)= #13,000
If you decide to put back the #13,000 into it, you make 30% 0f #13,000,
Month 2,
30% of #13,000 = #3900
#13,000+ #3,900 = #16,900
Now what if you decide to put back the whole new cash growth back into it,
Month 3,
30% of #16,900 = #5,070
#16,900 + #5,070 = #21,970

and so on.

The picture below gives a detailed explanation


How does MMM generate 30% to pay participants?

This is a question that can never stop being asked. I have tried explaining this to severally persons BUT its like “magic” to so many. I understand everyone’s fears that’s why I will break it all down further mathematically below.

Let’s say,

100 donations came in from 100 participants @2,000naira each = 200,000naira

In order for the 100 donations to be paid their 30%, that means 60,000naira extra donations must come in.


Here it is:-
The 60,000naira would come in through:-

(1) Regular GH and re-PH from the 100 donations done by the participants.

Here is the maths:-
50 participants GH all their earnings + Principal donation = 130,000naira.

Total left over PH balance = 70,000naira

The remaining 50 then needs 60,000naira to get their own 130,000naira paid too.

The first 50 paid 130,000naira total then re-PH back their 100,000naira (maybe keeping back their total profit of 30,000naira)

That then adds up to the 70,000naira available to pay the 50 participants left (130,000naira).

++ So, the cycle continues on and on for as long as the principle of Regular GH and re-PH remains!!! +++

This is just d same Principle Banks work with. That is why it is possible for just a deposit to serve 10 – 20 withdrawals.

And they pay you little interests for using your money to keep the redistribution process going!!


(2.) New donations coming in through participants referring others to the community. This keeps the system consistently growing!! Every business (offline/online) needs new sales to survive..

Always remember that in MMM there is

++ No Company Account!! Mavrodi can’t wake up one day and ghost off with the money since we are not paying to his account.

++ You bank account/bitcoin wallet is MMM’s account.

In Mmm it is not a must to refer before you can earn! But if you do refer, you will earn 10% referral bonus on what your referrals provide as help

So having read and need more clarification on this, feel free to contact me via the comment section of this post.


So having read and need more clarification on this, Click HERE to register for free. Do you have any trouble trying to register? contact me via Whatsapp or call : 07062541362

Stop crying around saying you don’t have a job or your salary is not sufficient, even if its sufficient you can be a participant.

Together we change the world.

Stop crying around saying you don’t have a job or your salary is not sufficient, even if its sufficient you can be a participant. People are making huge cash out of this!

Together we change the world (Their Motto)

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