MTN Data Plans, Bundles, Subscription Codes & Prices

MTN Nigeria which is one of the top mobile communication networks in Nigeria is offering value to customers as their data subscription packages and plan are loved by many Nigerians. They are among the top three networks and they have a large user subscribers.

Mtn data plans and bundles are usually affordable and you can use it on your tablet or personal computer. Do you need a reliable network to browse for relevant information? Then look no further as MTN data plans and bundles will surely be enough for you if you know what you need.

I have an MTN sim card and I have been using the network for a long time. If you are like me , you will agree that MTN service is available in most cities and communities. In this article, I have decided to update you on the latest MTN Data Plans, Bundles, Subscription Codes and prices so that you can take advantage of them.

Below is a mini table of their Codes and Bundle packages.

 MTN Data Plans, Bundles & Subscription Codes

Plan Name Amount Data Cap Validity SMS to 131 Targeted Device
MTN Mobile Daily N100 10   MEGABYTE 24 Hours 104 phone
MTN Daily Internet N500 150 MEGABYTE 24 Hours 104 phone /PC
MTN 250 MEGABYTE Mobile Browsing N1,300 250 MEGABYTE 24/7 / 30 /Days 109 phone /PC
MTN 500 MEGABYTE Mobile Browsing N2,000 500 MEGABYTE 24/7 / 30 /Days 110 phone /PC
MTN 1 GIGABYTEB Mobile Browsing N3,500 1 GIGABYTE 24/7 / 30/ Days 111 PC/smartphone
MTN Monthly For Mobile N1,000 100 MEGABYTE 24/7 / 30/ Days 106 phone
MTN Weekly For Mobile N500 25 MEGABYTE 7/ Days 105 phone
MTN Monthly Internet N8,000 5 GIGABYTE 30 / Days 101 PC/smart phone
MTN Weekend Internet N3,000 3 GIGABYTE 9am Fri-9pm Mon, 30 Days 108 phone /PC
MTN Day Time Internet N6,000 3 GIGABYTE 9am-9pm 30 Days 107 phone PC
MTN Night Internet N2,500 3 GIGABYTE 9pm-6am 30 Days 102 PC/Tablet
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MTN Hourly Data Plans & Subscription Codes:

Time Limit Amount SMS to 131 Validity Period
2 Hours N250 2H 2 Days
20 Hours N1,500 20H 7 Days
100 Hours N5,000 100H 30 Days
300 Hours N15,000 300H 90 Days

I hope you find the mtn network good in your area. If you have any questions, kindly mention them in the comment area. Happy browsing .

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