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The process of knowing how to applying for Nigerian Navy Force is practically the same yearly. In the quest to strengthen the nation’s territorial waters, the Nigerian Navy periodically carry out the process of recruitment into the force. This recruitment process like i said earlier on is basically same process.

Do you know that the Nigerian Navy (NN) is a branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces and one of the largest Navies on the African continent, consisting of thousands of personnel, including those of the Coast Guard.

This is because the Navy are usually equipped with powerful state of the art war equipment is one of the strongest military group of Africa region. Furthermore, the service in the Navy grants a lot of benefits for the citizens. The Nigerian Navy does not stay behind of the modern technical progress and even created a Nigerian navy website where all citizens desired to join the Nigerian Navy can fill in Nigerian navy application form and submit it. The more information about Nigerian navy ranks and salary can be watched on the official website of Nigerian Navy. For people who wish to try on Nigerian navy uniform and servitude under Nigerian Flag, there are strict rules and not every man or woman can join the Navy.

How To Apply To Nigerian Navy

To be qualified to apply for the Nigerian Navy, certain requirements must be met. Remember this arm of the force is known for neatness, thorough discipline and honesty, therefore the requirements to apply into the Nigerian Navy below must be met without compromise

  1. The Candidate is to be a citizen of Nigeria and has Nigeria origins.
  2. The Candidate is to have certificates of education, like Secondary School Leaving Certificate, General Certificate of Education, National Diploma, Certificate WAEC, etc.
  3. The candidate must obtain the primary school leaving certificate.
  4. The Candidate age is to me in the range of 18-21 years for school certificate holders and no more than 24 years for higher qualification specialists.
  5. The Candidate is to have 5 credits minimum in the level certificate. English and Mathematics are included.
  6. The candidate poses excellent health conditions with no injuries or disease which could prevent from performing the duty in the Navy.
  7. The male candidates’ height must be no less than 170 cm.
  8. The female candidates’` height must be no less than 167 cm.
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In order to consider the candidate, he/she must provide a certain pack of documents which includes:

  1. Age declaration or Birth Certificate
  2. All credentials photocopies
  3. A letter of identification which signed by one of the next authority representatives, like Officer of the rank of Commander, Local Government Chairman, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) or equivalent authorities from the origin state.
  4. A parent consent letter
  5. Passport photocopies – 4

Many candidates in desperation to join the Navy get scammed and fall prey to unscrupulous individuals, therefore, certain information must be duly adhered to.

  1. Application of a candidate is free of charge
  2. The candidate can apply only once
  3. The attempts of multiple application will disqualify all of them.

How To Apply To The Nigerian Navy Online

Firstly, it world be worthy to note the official website of the Nigerian Navy is in order not to fall victim of cloned websites by scammers.

On how to apply for the Nigerian Navy online, simply follow the steps below

  1. Register on the official navy website and provide valid information including Email Address and Password for log in.
  1. The candidate must complete the Rating Application Form. Before closing date of application, the candidate can review and change the information.
  2. The candidate must download must download and print a copy of complete application form.
  3. The candidate must come for the aptitude test with the submission form.

I hope this piece of information is helpful.

Goodluck in your application

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