P-Square’s Net Worth, Performance Fee And Endorsements Deals

P-Square's Net Worth, Performance Fee And Endorsements DealsIf we are to start talking about the duo, we could do that from now till heaven knows when. P-Square though twins claim they are one. Going back to their history. P-Square’s net worth would keep soaring higher; remember P-Square are currently Africa’s biggest music export. They are regarded as demi gods in countries like Benin Republic, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, The Democratic Republic of Congo where they have already sealed up an endorsement deal as stated in this post below and a host of others.

PSquare: Historical Background

P-Square are from a family of four, born into the Okoye’s family, I could imagine the joy in the family being it double joy for the family. They both attended a missionary school (catholic church) the Saint Murumba secondary school in Jos.
Its not difficult sighting talents, Paul and Peter started way back in their secondary school by joining the school’s music and drama club, thanks goodness money was not involved in joining this club as it is a free social club at secondary school level where they started exhibiting the traits of future artistes. They started by mimicking international artistes like Micheal Jackson, MC Hammer, Bobby Brown and James Brown, also, they have publicly dreamt of working with international artiste Usher.
I remember way back as 2006/07 when they came out with their first album, Many would doubt p square’s net worth would be topping the list of richest musicians in Nigeria.
Fast forward to 1999, P-SQUARE in the quest to go professional, thought it wise to return to music school to develop their skills on musical instruments like the keyboard, drums, bass, rhythm guitar and improve their dancing skills most especially peter.
The Twins in that same year applied to the University of Abuja to study Business Administration, I believe this was done majorly to gain a university degree as it was needed even though they know its not needed for their profession, well, you just never say never in this world of constant changes. The Smooth Criminals disbanded when its members left to various other universities. Subsequently Peter and Paul formed their own group, variously called “Double P”, “P&P”, and “Da Pees”, until they eventually settled on “P Square”. They are managed by Bayo Odusami aka Howie T, a seasoned concert promoter and the CEO of Adrot Nigeria Limited.
Though they have been slammed numerous times for remixing foreign songs, and have been tasked with coming up with original beats, they responded by releasing hit albums back to back, yet they still slammed them for their beats being similar, the truth be told, you cannot satisfy the entire populace, that is why you have your fans that would always stand by you at all times.
Just like other artistes, they have had their own fare share of criticisms, especially on the issue of publicly displaying their personal issues on social media platforms. Many see this as immature and totally unacceptable, though still known as P-Square; they have decided to go solo in pursuit of their musical careers. Paul Okoye now known as RUDE BOY and Peter Okoye now known as MISTER P.
Talking about their net worth, we do not just give mere figures on P-Square net worth but break down what makes their net worth why it is that figure.
We are going to break it down in the following order

  1. P-Square’s endorsement deals
  2. The amount the charge per show
  3. Their properties
  4. Their international tours
  5. Their investments and others
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1. P-Square: Endorsement Deals

The twins are not new when it comes to cashing in on endorsement deals. They are a brand already so if you must make them endorse your brand, then you must be ready to cough out a chunk of your earnings.

  • Glo Nigeria Endorsement deal runs in hundreds of million in our local currency (Naira) plus a Glo branded Mercedes Benz G-wagon worth over 25million naira each, which makes it well over 50 miilion naira as add-ons to the cash endorsements.
  • Skol Beer (Congo) that also runs in millions of Naira
  • Olympic Milk and Juice (Though this applies to just Peter Okoye of P-Square, who is the elder of the twins)

2. How Much Fee Do P-Square Charge Per Show/Performance

P-Square charge nothing less than 10 million per show for each of them, which makes it 20million naira per show except it is for charity. This is the main reason very few companies use them for shows.. They are pretty expensive to hire except multinationals or telecom giant like Glo Nigeria and other big players in the economy. These guys are living like princes, they are made men!! Not to talk of international tours.

3. P-Square: International Tour Fees

They charge double of their local fee for international tours; this is excluding flight fees, accommodation, feeding and other logistics, which is to be borne by the organisers of the event. Tell me why P-Square net worth wouldn’t keep skyrocketing.

4. P-Square: Properties

They have a choice property on the mainland known as Square Villa. This magnificent property has all they need. It has in it a recording studio, mini cinema for their leisure, swimming pool, powerful protection, and huge space for parking their exotic cars. The square villa is worth over 200 million naira according to an inside source.

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5. P-Square: Investments

They are investing majorly in their music business, by remaining P-Square while still going solo and signing artistes under their various record labels. Though this is still on going, these guys are going places.
Like I said earlier in this article about P-Square’s net worth, we could write up a full 3 full scalp pages without concluding.
They are a blessing to the Nigerian music industry and Africa as a whole and we ought to be proud of them.
Now to the reason this article was written which is to ascertain P-Square’s net worth, You all know that Forbes list is the most recognized list when talking about net worth of individuals or corporate organization, though this isn’t Forbes, we used their calculation method plus our contacts from the industry to get P-Square’s net worth.

P-Square: Net Worth

P-Square’s net worth is estimated at $128.0 million and are currently the richest artiste in Nigeria.

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