The rap battle between Phyno and Olamide will continue to linger for years despite the fact they boast of one of the best rap collabos in the industry. Phyno vs Olamide’s battle for who is the best rapper isn’t a new phrase in the Nigerian music industry. While some pundits describe this as a positive vibe, others see it as an unhealthy silent rivalry.

Though from different tribes, these dudes are dialectically gifted without doubt.

The Similarities between the duo is that they are both made of black(Guiness Ambassadors), rap in their local dialects, though ambassadors to rival telecom giants,(Airtel-Phyno) and Etisala-Olamide) respectively, this hasn’t had any effect in deteriorating their professional careers.

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Phyno and olamide, who is a better rapper


The Anambra state born rapper Azubuike Chibuzo Nelson (born 9 October 1986), proudly known by his stage name Phyno Fino, is a Nigerian Igbo rap and hip-hop recording artist. Phyno started his musical career as a producer in 2003, though Phyno started rapping commercially in 2010. He is renowned for rapping in his local dialect(Igbo Language) His debut studio album, No Guts No Glory, was released in 2014 has 20 tracks which includes 2 bonus tracks “Multiply” (featuring Mr Raw, Timaya, Flavour N’abania and M.I) and “Paper Chaser” (featuring Illbliss)

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No Guts No Glory produced the singles “Ghost Mode”, “Man of the Year”, “Parcel” and “O Set”. Which shot him to stardom and has got him sitting among the league of Nigerian elite rappers till date.

As a producer, he has worked with artists such as Timaya, Flavour, Ruggedman, Bracket, J Martins and Mr Raw.

Phyno during an interview with a senior reporter of Daily Independent Ifeoma Onoye said that he looks up to Mr Raw(N***a Raw) in the music scene.




Olamide Adedeji aka Olamide Baddo from Bariga, Lagos State. He is a rapper and hip hop star, he delved into music in 2000 and in 2010, performed at the Hip Hop World Awards. Olamide, a gradu­ate of Mass Communication from Tai Solarin University of Education, Olamide dropped his debut album entitled, Rapsodi, in 2011, with the lead single, Eni Duro. Today, he is popularly acclaimed as one of Nigeria’s best rappers, he has collaborated with powerful forces in the Nigerian music scene, talking about the likes of D’banj, Phyno, Don Jazzy, Davido, MI ,9ice and Wizkid to mention a few. In 2012, he dropped his follow up album, YBNL, which featured multiple guest appearances from Tiwa Savage, Da­vido, Reminisce and Dammy Krane. In 2013, it was double joy for Olamide when he inked a mouth-watering deal with Guinness Nigeria Plc. He was equally appointed a brand ambassador for telecoms giant, Etisalat.

He stated clearly that releasing albums yearly was no big deal to him as he is ready to keep releasing hits upon hits and keep entertaining his fans.


Phyno’s net worth currently stands – $3.6 million,

Olamide’s net-worth is estimated at $4.5 million as of 2015 which makes Olamide richer than Phyno currently.

People’s Verdict

Some say it’s a tie as they both have street credibility, good standing, and the exceptional ability to inject native language in their tracks. While others are of the opinion that Phyno is more exclusive and original, that his rap contents are more interesting than Olamide’s.

Other school of thoughts would without thinking twice go for Olamide Baddo.

Watching Olamide perform live on stage is something special, he has got this aura that surrounds him, he is like a raging inferno, he has the unusual ability to move the crowd and make them ask for more.

Phyno is not as hot on stage but the thing about him is that his presence somewhat electrifies his fans once he mounts the stage and that diminishes his poor dancing skills. So, they are both sophisticated rappers but in this case, Olamide is preferred.

The arguments could go on and on..

What’s your verdict…???

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  1. @young daddy u no get sense at all. In fact na mumu u be. U don’t know anything about real music that’s y u are still an upcoming suffer head…stop saying shit cuz u know nothing about meaningful music aka ewu like u… Abeg phyno fino will forever be greater and better meaningful rapper of his kind…. Respect to olamide but phyno makes a lot of sense in his rhymes… Phyno fino u got my multiple votes…kupuru ndi osu imi. Ziggy Splash#$€¥£***

  2. Olamide is Phyno’s future……compare n contrast d mood n msg of dir music……. Olamide brings an awareness, he gives Nigeria sense if belonging with meanings……..phyno is good but he is a one pattern guy……weda u like it or not Olamide is better when it comes to rap , never u compare a blomblom with a parachute

  3. olamide is d best raper 4ever in nigeria no ones can take it from him 5th album is nt easy so keep doing gud badoo. clear den be ur boys i mean oda

  4. Am an upcoming artist a rapper 4 that mata.but i dont u dialent. so When it comes to rap, u have to focus and observe. Music is not just what u think. Punchline metaphor & rythm, more especialy u watch the (L¤R¤C¤). most u that is posting all this things dosn’t even know what music is.. Some of just post because u saw what others wrote… Phyno is good but u cant benefit any good from his music, he is just sayin anything that comes across his mouth in the name looking for rythm. He seems to be a singer, yet u cant compare him with OLAMIDE BADDO. to me baddo is far better than phyno and thats basic.. Phyno is from igbo am from igbo. U cant say ehh because phyno is from igbo i will support him. Lets try to be realistic. BADDO i de feel ur parole.

  5. donchiwizzy nani phyno and olamide are best and talented am a rapper singer i can rap in english yoruba and igbo.

  6. Phyno! U have kill me whit dad song=une & oringo gbukwegi their * so remenber me in ur paradice=bcs i cn,t sleep whithot ur raper.make way 4 phyno na eze in beeeeee! Nweke uchenna maureen= sarch 4facebook

  7. Phyno is the best there is. Olamide is full of noise making and shouting n makes no meaning at all. Phyno raps sense and lots of meaning anyday anytime. Why wouldn’t u f**ls go down to the east and ask all this shit about olamide being d best. Even in Lagos pple still know d truth which is Phyno is the best second to non.

  8. Some comts make go gaga. To start with, who ever wrote this article is sentimental. Coming to pheno n bado, shaa how can u compare a singer to a rapper. As far as music is concr Bado shouts n sing while Phenol raps. Check all the songs Olamide take blow, they no be pure rap song (enudro, shakiti, first of all, etc) but all pheno has been doing is hardcore rap. Let me tell u Olamide in his closet worshipe phenol n lisent to his songs line by line. Olamide might be richer ya am cool with that but definitly not a match with Phenol for rap. P/s if u must compare, compare Phenol to Sarkodi.

  9. phyno and ola are both fantastic ,,,, I barely understands olamides rap,,,,, you guys are judging base on punchlines ,, hmm ,,,, not all about punchlines or rhymes both meaning,,,,,, To end it , olamide is a creative rapper,,, while phyno is iconic,,,, phenomenal and the best ,,,,,, # believe that ,,,,,,, ….

  10. Shout out to my guy Phyno fino A K A eze nnunu is the best rapper so far come interms of olamide he raps but if he rap u wil only hear the first or the last thing that he rap infact phyno u re the best upon best keep it up….

  11. Omo phyno get rhymes him get swags infact ee dat guy Di 2 much baddo 2 de shout wen him de rap .y??. Phyno i give it 2 u the phenomenal rapper.nwa ke way.kupu ndi ofe mmanu , kupu ndi umu guys baddo,ndi guys kupu dere o phyno ne ku . Phyno z d best of d bests

  12. He said it ”it’s just a matter of time, u’l realise” phyno is a rap god, even olamide acknowledges that.. Phyno is just too perfect in what he does, he is the best i’v ever seen

  13. Phyno and Olamide are my best rapers, but Olamide is good while Phyno is better (phyno adal olamide intyong zong)> DOPE MONEY, Berom guy say so, ndyara.

  14. See u wey choose phyno no get sence at All una jst dey shout phynoooo lyk mumu ……who be phyno for olamide syd eehhnn if olamide dey talk phyno no fit to talk…olamide na baba fOr were for dis lagos una dey mad olamide na my man ohhhh shout out to my best rapper Baddooooo na only u ohhh phyno for were mtttcchheeewww

    1. Is ur. Boi nd-brown shout out 2 olamide badoo sneh and phyno fino there 50-50 no cheating so u people should stop dat olamide better than phyno or phyno better than olamide if u wanna whatsapp me ,,, diz my line 09080536256 thanks ,,,,,

    2. See who dey talk why olamide no go shinè for in land why u no go east make u see say phyno na everywhere u go

  15. Ah know yoruba goes for olamide while de igbos go for phyno fino…bt if u know music very well u gas to know dat phyno is more better Dan olamide…olamide is still good i love his lyrics bt phyno fino u re my man kupu fa

  16. Dos Wu Vote For Phyno As The Best Rapper Are Dum,mumu,ode,oponu!.They Are Even Deaf i.e. They No Get Ear To Listen And No D Best,any Way For Me We Get Hear,i Kno Baddo Is D Best Rapa. How I Which To see Badoo!

    1. sup ola……. Omoelekushi after u na u ooooooooo olamide hpe say u dy get mony…badooooooooooo(add me on whattsappp 09093795172

  17. olamide gbogbo ti itele,elegushi na my fucking broda very bad in rapping phyno fino want to kill hin self wit rape u beta ba oga badoo baba mili

  18. U people should giv it to phyno bcs phyno too much imagin upon olamide start b4 him now he is makin it very faster di guy too much …alobam ka iwu

  19. Yieeee! Phyno fino..nwambada ke way…all of una no knw anytin….giv it up 2 phyno as d best raper, doupt

  20. Phyno fino… Olamide bado una 2much god bless una 4 ux in dix niger all una enemies dey shall not prosper and ogu go punish der entire generation in jesus name…. Type a big amen!. Amen!!!!.

  21. Ya ya ya ya na x ray b dix oooooo 2 ov una b dexame cos una de rockx shows ‘n’ una de ginger niger xwagx xo no xelection cos una b made up of black….i pray dat all una enemiex shall not prosper.

  22. When it comes to good flows,bad punch lines,blend of indegenious and english redeems and exceptional rhylics etc…Phyno is by far the better rapper no doubt olamide is quiet good buh…phyno all d way.

  23. Phyno rap pass olamide if u can listin some of hiz music .it make sence dan olamide’s own……………………..icho my money wete colate

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