Public Speaking Tips/Skills: How To Earn Money From Public Speaking.

public speaking tips and skillsDo you know you can earn as much as you want from public speaking? The ability to speak before your audience, whether organized or not, is a valuable asset as it involves speaking with a live audience.

A good speech especially for motivational speakers requires careful proportion and ability to capture the attention of the audience and make positive impact in their lives

Below are necessary tips to becoming a successful public speaker.

Tips On How To Become A Good Public/Motivational Speaker


Picking a topic is the first step, in order to impress your audience it is important you choose an appropriate subject that would interest your audience and also have enough knowledge about.

Every subject should be developed for a specific purpose, either to inform, entertain or to persuade, the purpose should be clearly spelt out.

Thinking of where and how to start his speech
Where do i start from?

This is usually the hardest part of public speaking tips.To become  a good public speaker, it’s necessary to start where you are and with  What you have, start with people around you, for example, your friends, church, social media (whatsapp, BBM, Facebook etc.).

A very good friend of mine started from schools within her locality, by doing this it helped in building her self-confidence and today she now speaks to large group of people and earn good money from it.

Life indeed is in stages make a move, let go of your fears and start right where you are, the great public speakers we see today started small so never be discouraged no matter how many times you fail.

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When starting a career as a public or motivational speaker money shouldn’t be your priority but rather how to develop your skills and grow in self-confidence.

Bear in mind that you won’t get paid for just talking, don’t just talk but say the right words and make an impact, no one would offer you money until they realize your worth or value.

In conclusion once you’ve grown to a certain level in your career you can get paid but be modest in your charges.


Becoming a successful pubic or motivational speaker requires writing skills, presentation skills, communication skills, in doing these, you are developing yourself and getting prepared for your audience and future challenges in your career. Creating a blog or website and publishing articles is also a good idea but make sure you give credence to whose work you lift from.


To become a good public speaker means you have to be passionate about whatever it is you intend talking about. When a motivational speaker is passionate about a topic it yields positive result there by impacting in the lives of the audience, this passion comes from within.

In order to develop this passion you have to meditate on the topic, let it replay on your mind, put yourself in that situation and leave your audience with something to ponder on.

Right attitude means having a positive mindset to whatever you do, seeing success all the way no matter how many times you fail.

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Public speaking requires one to be time conscious, always be on time and work with time. Also when your audience are primary or secondary school students pick captivating topics and don’t talk for too long say the right and important words else they become bored and tired of listening.


These are outlined or structured laid down procedures an individual who wishes to become a good public or motivational speaker must adhere to. Below are the laid down public speaking skills and techniques you should follow:

  • Good speakers should know their audience before preparing a topic.
  • Speak naturally as if you are in a discussion with a friend, this will help you grow in self-confidence.
  • Don’t be nervous, avoid stage fright.
  • Rehearse your topic.
  • Develop friendly manners or attitude.
  • look at your audience as you speak.
  • Be open to new ideas.
  • Last but not the least is to always leave your audience with something to ponder on.

You still can do more research on public speaking tips, skills or techniques.

Remember that one of the best satisfaction you can get in life is knowing how much you have impacted another’s life positively.

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